6 best resources to get you started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

6 best resources to get you started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

At DESelect, we help customers succeed with segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), and the first place to start is a good foundation. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll be sharing 6 of the best resources to get you started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and learn more about SFMC!

Kasheeka Goel introduces you to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and explains in detail how to use SFMC in his blog series. Overall, he’ll be giving you a brief introduction on the following topics:

  • A brief explanation of SFMC
  • Why learn SFMC and what are the benefits
  • Modules in SFMC

In addition to these, he explains each feature of SFMC step by step.  He’ll provide you with recommended videos and visuals to further explain.

In this article, Digital Aquila helps you understand whether Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the right choice for your company or not. They do this by sharing extensive customer reviews and scores, and top it off with their own experience. This combination makes the article very insightful and relevant.

Pau Klein answers some of the most frequently asked questions related to SFMC through visuals and videos. The questions being:

  • What is Salesforce?
  • What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
  • What can you do with Marketing Cloud?
  • What are Marketing Cloud’s benefits?
  • Can any type of company use Marketing Cloud?

Lastly, he explains how to set up SFMC for your company. 

Nachiketh from Edureka provides a quick history recap and then explains that in SFMC, there are 6 builders where you can generate different marketing strategies. 

  • Journey Builder
  • Audience Builder
  • Personalization Builder
  • Content Builder
  • Analytics Builder
  • Marketing Cloud Content

In addition, there are 5 different channels in SFMC that you can leverage to interact with your customers.

  • Email Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Web Studio

“Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. Consider them your personal game plan for exploring new skills.” – Salesforce

In this training module, you’ll be learning two main concepts:

  1. How the marketing industry is affected by the developing technology and customer expectations
  2. What are the products that SFMC contains and their functionalities

In the module, you will get to know more about Marketing Cloud and its role in defining your unique marketing strategy. 

  • Understand how Marketing Cloud will help you define your digital marketing strategy.
  • Summarize two ways to work with the Marketing Cloud Service team experts to make the most of Marketing Cloud.


We’ve listed some of the best resources to help you get started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). We hope that you find these resources as useful as we do. Know other great resources to get started with SFMC? Let us know and we’ll gladly add them while mentioning you!

Already well on your way with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and looking for an easy way to segment? Then you may want to check out DESelect, the segmentation addon for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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