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Segmentation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Enjoy Salesforce Marketing Cloud without SQL queries

Salesforce Marketing Cloud often turns out more technical than expected. We will help you drive user adoption and increase user satisfaction.

Spend 50% less on data management

Managing data can be laborious and often requires technical or external resources to manage. We will enable your team and drive efficiency, resulting in a lowered cost.

Launch campaigns at least 20% faster

With Marketing teams that can work more independently, a lot of communication overhead will be gone and less time will be wasted on manual work.

Key Features

Segment ALL your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data with drag-and-drop

Intuitively drag-and-drop any data stored in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud business unit to create highly targeted customer segments.​

Explore customer behavior with data views

Access any sends, opens, clicks,… to better understand what drives customer engagement or even set out to build your own lead scoring model.​

Get started immediately with our plug-and-play connector

We will set up DESelect in a matter of minutes for you after which all your data will be immediately accessible and updated in real-time.

Automate your targeting and segmentation processes

Use DESelect-generated data extensions immediately in your campaigns and leverage DESelect-generated SQL query activities for your automations in Automation Studio.

Security & Data Protection

At DESelect, we take security and data protection seriously. That’s why we have implemented ISO-27002 and are GDPR compliant. Read more

DESelect Success Stories

January 25, 2021

Partner Success Story: Gianluigi Morselli (Isobar)

Jonathan: Hey, good afternoon. Everyone. I’m here on the call with Gianluigi. Gianluigi, good afternoon. How are you doing...
November 5, 2020

Customer Success Story: Alm Brand

The video testimonial from Alm. Brand. DESelect welcomes Denmark’s Alm. Brand Alm. Brand is a long-established financial services company,...
November 3, 2020

Customer Success Story: Emerald

Emerald chooses DESelect California-based Emerald is an operator of large-scale live and immersive B2B events and trade shows. Founded...

Loved by our users

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Eliot Harper Salesforce Marketing Cloud MVP, Author

Empower Marketers
“DESelect empowers marketers to query and segment their data with ease and without reliance on IT, and puts data back in the hands of marketers, right where it belongs!”

Client Logo
Juliette Ouchouche CRM Analyst, Cambridge University Press

Targeted Segments on the Fly
“Segmentation for our marketing campaigns used to be a time-consuming task. DESelect allows us to easily build a list of targeted segments, which saves considerable amounts of time!”

Client Logo
Aisling Louise Miller Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Cambridge University Press

A Dream to Use
“It was a dream to use last week! I put a stopwatch on and it took 4m20s to do a query that normally takes my colleague an hour!”

Client Logo
Michiel van Gaalen Salesforce Consultant, KLM

Huge Time Saver
“DESelect really speeds up selecting the right data in Marketing Cloud. Wish we had this when we first started using Marketing Cloud!”

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Dennis Queally Associate Director of Marketing Operations, Practicing Law Institute

Solved the Business Need Perfectly
“It was a pleasure working with the folks at DESelect; their product and service are top notch and solved the business need perfectly. ”

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Jenn Eagle Email Marketing Specialist, Roadshow Films

Requires Minimal Training
“DESelect is user-friendly and has a non-threatening interface. It’s so easy to use that even junior team members are able to use it with minimal training. What used to be a long, arduous, expensive process now only takes minutes. We’re so glad we discovered DESelect!”

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Kenny Dalby Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, Alm Brand

After the trial period, we are convinced that DESelect is a great addition to our Marketing Cloud setup. It makes our segmentation much more efficient, and gives the “power” back to the Marketeer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked with customers of different sizes, industries, and geographies. Most of our customers report significant time-saving, shorter campaign cycles, and improved user adoption. Their marketing organizations can operate more independently and can deliver more sophisticated campaigns, yielding better marketing results.

Every company is unique given its organization and data. We encourage you to book a demo to find out precisely how DESelect can benefit you.

Data management is a large part of operating a marketing automation platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. However, data management processes are often terribly inefficient and complicated and marketers tend to rely on experts to do the job for them. DESelect lifts these problems, allowing you to deliver campaigns efficiently and focus on achieving results.

If you don’t have time, that weighs in favor of starting with DESelect as soon as possible, since one of the main benefits is time saving.

However, you may worry that you will need to invest a lot of time to get started with DESelect. Rest assured that this is not the case. DESelect does not require an implementation project to get started. Rather, our team will set up DESelect for you, which is a matter of minutes.

Once DESelect is set up, most customers find it intuitive enough to get hands-on right away. We do offer a live onboarding training which typically takes 1.5-2 hours. If you can’t even spare that amount of time, we are happy to schedule it later.

We were founded by people with deep Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise, who kept running into the same challenges you’re probably experiencing yourself. We are like you… just with a solution.

We are proud to already host a number of partnerships, ranging from agencies, to consultancies, to Salesforce itself, which we believe reflects the trust that the ecosystem has in us.

Lastly, and most importantly, our customers include important and serious organizations that champion our solution.

Trusted by awesome customers

Recommended by great partners

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Launch campaigns 20% faster
Save 50% on customer data

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