How Do Enterprises Do Marketing Automation Differently? 3 Major Considerations

How Do Enterprises Do Marketing Automation Differently? 3 Major Considerations

When it comes to large-scale operations, the marketing teams at enterprise businesses have unique needs and challenges that demand a distinctive approach. So, what sets enterprise marketing automation strategies apart? Let’s dive into three significant considerations that data teams must prioritize.

1. Integrating Complex Data Streams

The sheer volume and variety of data enterprises handle are colossal. From multi-channel interactions to customer feedback and sales metrics, the data pool is vast. For instance, a global retailer might collect data from its online store, brick-and-mortar shops across multiple countries, mobile apps, and even third-party vendors. This complexity necessitates advanced tools for integration that can handle millions of records.

There are strategies designed to streamline and simplify data ingestion, allowing data teams to collect, standardize, and funnel external data into the relevant Marketing Cloud business units. This consolidated approach ensures enterprise marketing automation campaigns are comprehensive, precise, and always data-driven.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

As enterprises expand, their marketing automation strategies must scale in tandem. But it’s not just about managing larger volumes; it’s about being agile and adaptive. A mid-sized company might launch a new product in one or two markets, but an enterprise could be rolling out multiple products across numerous global markets simultaneously.

Take, for instance, a multinational tech company unveiling its latest gadget. Their enterprise marketing automation strategy would need to account for different launch dates, regional promotions, varying customer preferences, and even cultural nuances. It requires an infrastructure that can handle vast campaigns while also being nimble enough to tweak strategies in real time. This dual demand for scalability and flexibility is paramount.

3. Advanced Personalization and Segmentation

While most businesses understand the value of personalization, enterprises take it to another level. Given their vast customer base and the resources of similar competitors, enterprises can’t afford a one-size-fits-all approach. Every touchpoint, from emails to ads, must resonate with a specific audience segment.

For instance, consider an international airline. Their enterprise marketing automation would factor in the nuances of business travelers, vacationing families, solo backpackers, and more. Each segment receives tailored offers – lounge access promotions for business travelers or vacation packages for families.

Moreover, with tools like DESelect Segment, CRM/Cloud Admins can effortlessly dive deeper into their data, creating sub-segments based on behavior, purchase history, and more. This granular approach ensures every marketing effort is laser-focused, maximizing ROI and customer satisfaction.

The Enterprise Difference

Enterprise marketing automation isn’t just about bigger budgets or larger teams – it’s a fundamentally different approach, built on the pillars of integration, scalability, and advanced personalization. As the business world becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, the demands on enterprises evolve. They require tools and strategies that can seamlessly merge vast data pools, scale on demand, and curate personalized experiences that resonate with diverse customer segments.

For CRM/Cloud admins, the challenge is clear. As stewards of their organization’s digital infrastructure, their choice of tools and strategies can make or break their teams’ marketing endeavors.

As a scalable plug-and-play solution, DESelect Segment makes an instant impact at organizations of any size. See which Segment features are the perfect fit for your enterprise’s unique needs.

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