Segmentation with Generative AI

Easily generate powerful audience segments from simple text prompts. Deedee AI evolves with each request to learn your data model while combining and enhancing the collective knowledge of your entire team.

deedee ai

You’ve likely worked at a company before where one person knows exactly what every piece of data means, how the CRM works, and what to do when things go wrong…but nobody else does. What happens when that one person leaves?

Deedee AI combines the power of generative AI with DESelect’s intuitive segmentation platform to unlock incredible marketing opportunities and eliminate the systemic risk of siloed tribal knowledge.

Your Personal Co-Pilot for Audience Segmentation

No code, no clicking. Simply tell Deedee AI what audience segment you want to build and watch as it transforms simple written prompts into powerful segments.

Centralize, Evolve, and Leverage Tribal Knowledge

Increase security and efficiency by centralizing and combining the logic of everyone on the team. Deedee AI gets smarter with every request so each team member benefits from all the requests made before them.

Enable Human Intelligence at Scale

Allow AI to maximize the value of your team’s human intelligence while eliminating bottlenecks and silos. Gone are the days where entire processes shut down just because one person or team goes offline.

Ready to reserve your spot <br>for the future of segmentation?

Ready to reserve your spot
for the future of segmentation?

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