DESelect Engage

Introducing a brand new platform built to help marketing teams solve saturation control, intelligently prioritize communications, and optimize campaigns across teams.

... Coming Spring 2023

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Does this sound familiar, marketers?

  • Preventing marketing fatigue and not over saturating your customers is a priority, but managing different stakeholders, who want to prioritize different messages at the same time, is complicated at best.
  • Omnichannel marketing makes this even more challenging with more opportunities to oversaturate customers and there is no standard solution, or well-defined process, for preventing this.
  • It’s difficult (or impossible) to understand if/when saturation is actually a problem or not, campaigns often compete for attention on the same days, and rules vary between different teams/business units based on different sets of criteria.

End the chaos with Engage.

  • DESelect Engage gives marketers a single source of truth for
    controlling saturation by providing a deep understanding of the real-time fluctuations in how, when, and where, you communicate with customers.
  • Avoid unsubscribes, opt-outs, and sending your customers into marketing fatigue. Know exactly which customers are undersaturated to prevent any missed opportunities and lost revenue.
  • Engage helps create better experiences for your customers despite the increasing complexity of your marketing systems, and simplifies
    cross-team collaboration.

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DESelect Engage will be launching soon in Spring 2023.
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