My Journey with DESelect: Review by an SFMC Solution Architect

My Journey with DESelect: Review by an SFMC Solution Architect

When working with Marketing Cloud marketers require deeper technical skills to have success in this challenging digital marketing world. There is a variety of supportive tools that could help marketers when they have some struggles. One of these tools is DESelect. Do you remember writing SQLs to transform data into segmented audiences and forgetting some of the needed functions or operators? Or maybe, you urgently needed segmented data list with some SQL functions, but the process of SQL creation took you long? Here it comes. DESelect is a tool that can help marketers avoid writing massive SQL queries and use a drag-and-drop functionality to easily build the required targeted and segmented result.

How DESelect works?

It’s very easy to navigate yourself inside the platform, which you can find under AppExchange tab in the main Marketing Cloud Menu.

On the right side there is a selection of preferred Data Extension and its fields which you want to filter. The following filter operators are available:

  • Equals/not equal to
  • In/not in
  • Contains/doesn’t contain
  • Begins with/ends with
  • Is empty/is not empty
  • In results/not in results

The last operator, marked in bold, is used for another Data Extension selection and replaces an SQL function ‘in’ and ‘not in’.

DESelect allows you to join different data extensions in an easy manner. When one Data Extension is selected, it’s possible to drag and drop another Data Extension to it and select the relationship, based on different types of Joins. These are supported:

  • Left Inclusive/Exclusive Join
  • Right Inclusive/Exclusive Join
  • Inner Join
  • Full Outer Join

I find it very cool, that the result could be firstly previewed, changed in case needed and only then published. The tool lets you come back to the previous stage and make all needed amendments in your filter selection.

Once created the queried data could be saved either to a new or existent Data Extension.

With DESelect it’s possible to:

  • Exclude Contacts in a DE from a Campaign (Taking out Bounced Emails out of All Subscribers List)
  • Select Customers who haven’t Engaged with our Emails in the past 14 days (based on Email Opens and Clicks)
  • Select Orders for certain product categories with the prices
  • Select Accounts that don’t have any Orders in the last 30 days
  • Get Accounts with the highest value of Order or without any Order at all
  • Select Contacts who are known Subscribers in SFMC

You can also play around with the dates: transform date fields, calculate the date difference, add a timestamp. More explained scenarios you can find here.

The whole processing and data preparation will take you up to a few seconds. The time of processing varies based on the number of records in the DE and the complexity of filtering. But DESelect could handle any type of even big data queries.

DESelect robust segmentation capabilities were missed in SFMC before. It makes Salesforce Marketing Cloud routine work quick and easy now.

Interested to see DESelect in action yourself?

6x Salesforce certified Marketing Cloud Solution Architect and Developer, named Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020 working and delivering in Isobar Switzerland. Ekaterina is recognized as a tech-savvy leader and a real-time optimization expert (Evergage, Thunderhead). Her knowledge and hands-on experience with Salesforce products (SFDC, Pardot, SFMC, Einstein) enables her to support smart digital transformation and improvements of marketing processes for a large number of international companies. She is also a long-time Trailblazer and Salesforce enthusiast who participates in and supports various Ohana events.
Ekaterina Obolenskaya
SFMC Solution & Technical Architect

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