What to follow at Salesforce Connections 2022? DESelect recommendations 

What to follow at Salesforce Connections 2022? DESelect recommendations  

This year, Salesforce fans can look forward to an incredible line-up of talks and presentations at Salesforce’s Connections 2022. The event promises to be so packed that we’ll have to plan carefully to ensure we don’t miss out. 

Trailblazers visiting Chicago will have the ability to create their schedules based on the sessions calendar. Online viewers can subscribe to sessions and stream event content via Salesforce+.

To avoid getting lost in the maze of options, we’ve identified what we believe to be the main session themes. Namely, they are personalization, data privacy, omnichannel marketing, and data management.

Since we strive to make life easier for data marketers, we’ve selected a series of sessions that we suggest you attend centered explicitly on data management and strategy.

We think it’s important to understand the power of data and its significance to the modern marketer. Becoming data-savvy while working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is now more relevant than ever. Hence we recommend the following data marketing sessions:

Another significant subject we’re keen to highlight is the series of events around email marketing. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is neither dead nor retired. Moreover, it’s a valuable channel for communicating with relevant audiences. To maximize your marketing campaign results, we recommend the following email marketing sessions at Connections 2022:

Lastly, don’t forget to reserve time to hear from DESelect! We’ve also prepared a schedule of sessions, which we’ll tell you more about here soon.

Connections is an excellent opportunity to learn, meet and discover new marketing developments that will pave the way for next year’s marketing advances. Don’t miss this opportunity, even if you have to dial in remotely. We hope to see you there.

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