​​Trends for Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2022

​​Trends for Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2022

In 2022, Salesforce Marketing Cloud releases will be synced with Salesforce releases, making it easier to follow the market updates and better promote an omnichannel approach to using Salesforce products. With this article, we took the liberty to predict the development trends for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

AI advances

AI has played a part in marketing for quite some time now, including SFMC. We predict that in 2022 it will become a general practice to use tools like Einstein Analytics. Some Salesforce professionals expect an emphasized use of Einstein in 2022. Even the recent SFMC release hints so too.

Its new feature allows using Einstein Send Time Optimization for your bulk and batch send emails from Automation Studio. This feature sends the emails to your contacts at the best predicted time for each individual to maximize engagement.

Another exciting update is Einstein Engagement Scoring for Email, which predicts five types of engagement scores for each consumer contact within each customer’s business unit. Predictions include email opens and clicks, subscriber retention, web conversion, and overall engagement. More power to the AI helps marketers personalize at scale while using technology.

Privacy concerns

With the new GDPR and the introduction of VCDPA (a new privacy policy for Virginia), it’s becoming more difficult for marketers to rely on third-party data and even tools like Google Analytics. In 2022, we expect to see a decline in Google Analytics usage by European marketers and a search for GDPR-compliant alternatives. It’s safe to say that Marketing Cloud will likely consider these changes in future releases, aiming to simplify compliance with these laws for SFMC users. For instance, marketers will expect easier integrations between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and European-based analytics tools. 

Stricter rules for privacy concerns will be something we can expect soon, and hopefully, Salesforce releases will be in time to follow up with these ongoing advancements.

360 overview

Last year, the introduction of Salesforce CDP had proven Salesforce’s commitment to creating platforms that embrace 360 overviews for its customers. Even the fact that Marketing Cloud releases now synchronize with Salesforce releases proves that having more than one Salesforce product will ease your working process with the platform.

It’s increasingly common to incorporate third-party tools and apps into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make it more accessible and user-friendly. As well as that, updates of CDP integrations with Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder express the trend towards the simplicity of merging different SFMC products.

In addition, there will be increased demand for AppExchange apps that enable more straightforward work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and integrate easily with the platform. For instance, apps like DESelect Segment, SalesWings, Phrasee, and Optilyz.

So to conclude, from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we expect to see a trend towards secure and personalized connections between brands and customers that answer customers’ needs.

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