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  • DESelect Segment
WPCS 2.1.4


Plan starts at
per month per SFMC org (billed annually)
  • Intuitive-drag-and segmentation allowing you to combine data sources and filter the results.


Plan starts at
per month per SFMC org (billed annually)
  • Everything in Enable, plus aggregations, personalized custom values, and more.


Plan starts at
per month per SFMC org (billed annually)
  • Everything in Plus, plus picklists, waterfall segmentation, and over 75 supported SQL functions.

Additional charges may apply for extra users and business units. Contact sales for more information.





Leverage any Marketing Cloud data
Relate as many data extensions or data views as you like - admins can also pre-define these relations
Append (union) data extensions together to create larger data sets​​
Apply extensive filtering options, adjusted to any field data format provided by Marketing Cloud​
Use dynamic date filters, date comparisons, and birthday filters​
Automate your segmentation
Deduplicate records based on primary keys​
Sort your results based on a logical order and limit your results to target the right amount of contacts​
Perform calculations and segment on aggregated data using subqueries​
Enjoy increased administrative powers with folder management for selections​
Step up personalization with custom values​
Apply formulas to fields, such as date transformations for time zones​
Basic prio deduplication
Store calculated values in your target data extension
Match data extensions that don’t have matching fields or columns
Let admins standardize inputs by defining picklists​
Apply waterfall segmentation to apply multiple steps of cascading rules​
See how contacts are distributed across segments using pivot tables*​
Advanced prio deduplication
Copy Selections to other BUs
Apply any of over 75 supported SQL functions​
Selection templates
Customer Success Manager
Support Portal

*Training and Hypercare are add-on services. Contact sales for more information.

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DESelect Search is free, and is available as a Chrome Extension in Google Web Store or can be installed directly in your Marketing Cloud. If you are an administrator in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you simply need to be signed in in order to finish the installation.

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