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The end of marketing fatigue has arrived.

Engage is a new platform built to help marketing teams solve saturation control, intelligently prioritize communications & optimize campaigns across teams.

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🆕 Import Journey & Automate Retries

Eliminate repetitive manual configuration

Define retry criteria for all relevant messages directly during the import of your existing journeys.

  • Bring your existing multi-step journeys directly into the platform
  • Automatically create the "Send" actions for each message within your journeys, minimizing errors
  • Free up time to focus on developing strategic marketing initiatives that drive results

Stop overwhelming your customers.

DESelect Engage gives marketers a single source of truth for controlling saturation by providing a deep understanding of the real-time fluctuations in how, when, and where, you communicate with customers.

  • Know exactly which contacts are
    oversaturated or undersaturated
  • Apply precision logic and rule settings
    for capping messaging frequency
  • Create better customer experiences
    and stop marketing fatigue

Intelligently prioritize communications.

Stop crossing wires with different teams and send the right message at the right time. Engage makes sure your contacts receive the most important communication.

  • Engage helps marketers maintain control over which contacts are included in specific campaigns.
  • Users can view all campaigns and make informed decisions based on defined priorities.
  • Simplify cross-team collaboration to execute the optimal message and create the biggest impact.

Engage helps marketers drive results.

  • like-icon-svg
    Increased engagement
    By capping the number of messages sent to a specific contact, marketers ensure that their messages are being seen and engaged with by recipients, rather than being ignored or marked as spam.
  • Wake up and go to work with a smile
    Customer experience
    Effective saturation control means marketing teams can avoid overwhelming audiences with too many emails and provide a higher quality customer experience and drive more revenue.
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    Email deliverability
    Engage helps marketers ensure their messages reach the intended recipients by reducing the number of spam complaints and improving email deliverability.
  • Trust
    Governance compliance
    When marketers use Engage to gain control over marketing saturation, they can ensure compliance with rules and regulations set by ESPs and laws such as CAN-SPAM.

Prevent unsubscribes.

Drive campaign effectiveness by ensuring messages are being seen and engaged with rather than being ignored or marked as spam.

  • Engage helps marketers defend against opt-outs and maximize customer experience.
  • Users can apply precise settings to control saturation.

Optimize campaigns & drive higher ROI.

Engage gives marketers precise control over their campaigns with customizable saturation control based on rules.

  • Gain unprecedented visibility into audience saturation levels and generate more revenue.
  • Users can define as many rules for different types of contacts and campaigns as needed. 
  • DESelect Engage will calculate and report saturation levels based on all relevant rules.
On the roadmap

Personalized Marketing Frequency Powered by AI

How many messages does each contact want to receive? Now, you don’t have to guess.

  • Maximize engagement rates
  • Reduce costly unsubscribes
  • Prevent marketing fatigue

AI & Machine Learning, without the black box.
Automatically include or exclude contacts from sends and journeys, based on historical data + optimal frequency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is saturation control? How does it affect my marketing team?

    Consumers are often overwhelmed receiving hundreds of marketing messages per day, as marketers create multichannel campaigns across competing teams and priorities – often targeted to the same segments of people. When this feeling becomes so strong that messages no longer resonate, the consumer experiences what is called “marketing fatigue.”

    Saturation control is a method used to avoid marketing fatigue, where organizations set limits on the number of communications sent to a certain person in a specific period of time.

    Having saturation control processes in place reduces the chances of unsubscribes or of emails being marked as spam. The specific limit for the number of emails and the time period can vary depending on the goals of the email campaign and the preferences of the recipient.

    DESelect Engage acts as mission control for campaigns across all channels, providing a saturation control solution that gives insights into exactly how saturated each contact is.

  • What are the financial benefits of Engage?

    Engage has a cascading impact on marketing revenues and expenses. Among the more important ones:

    • Marketing Cloud charges based on the quantity of Super Messages sent. By optimizing campaign frequency, this quantity is reduced
    • Fewer unsubscribes and spam designations improve your organization’s email deliverability, ensuring more contacts see your messages
    • By limiting the number of emails sent to a specific recipient, marketers find the sweet spot that leads to increased engagement, conversion rates, and ROI
    • Increase marketing-generated revenue by identifying undersaturated subscribers and optimizing engagement
    • Compliance with GDPR and CAN-SPAM laws prevents costly fines
  • How long will this take to install?

    Engage is a plug-and-play solution, so it takes only minutes to set up.

  • How can I prioritize campaigns?

    At a broad level, Engage lets you prioritize based on two factors: customizable rules (such as different frequencies for recent customers vs general subscribers) and how you designate importance of different campaign types (e.g., promotions vs newsletters).

    Combining these factors, Engage will filter out oversaturated subscribers from the lesser-prioritized campaigns to ensure the messages they do receive are the most important. In Journey Builder, Engage also gives the option to simply delay the communications an oversaturated subscriber is scheduled to receive until a more optimal time.

  • How do DESelect Engage and Segment combine?

    Both DESelect Engage and Segment together team up to create ultra-targeted campaigns that drive maximum engagement and conversions. It’s literally sending the right message to the right audience the right number of times.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time

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