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Send the Right Message: World-Class Audience Segmentation Strategies

Send the Right Message: World-Class Audience Segmentation Strategies When: Hour: 14 July 5:00 PM CET Discover the best practices that world-class marketing teams leverage to send the right message and increase conversion. We’ll discuss how to prepare your team for the future of audience segmentation and the tech stack needed. Webinar starts in: Days Hours […]

Past Events

DESelect is coming to Salesforce Connections 2022: Our experience

What is Salesforce Connections? Connections is the biggest Salesforce Marketing Cloud event that brings marketing, commerce, and digital professionals together — to inspire, educate, and connect. The event creates an excellent opportunity for Salesforce professionals to network and learn together. Salesforce Connections 2022 was happening live for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic and […]

Audience engagement scoring in SFMC: The What, Why, and How

Audience engagement scoring is a common process for marketing and sales to identify the hottest leads. It’s a huge timesaver and customer experience optimizer for sales to save time and target the right person at the right time.

Never Lose The Keys Again; Clean up and organize your Contacts in SFMC

Watch this webinar to find out: How to avoid synching mistakes, step-by-step audit of your Contact list in SFMC, generate unique identifiers - find your key

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