DESelect Search

Search in SFMC. A practical object finder for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How can you start a campaign when you’re unable to find the data extension, content piece or object you’re looking for?

Save valuable time by using DESelect Search to find literally anything in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The quick search solution is like your very own search engine embedded and fully integrated into your Marketing Cloud UI, eliminating the need to dig through folders one by one to find that one missing object.

Find objects in Salesforce Marketing Cloud easily with DESelect Search

  • Email templates
  • Email messages
  • Content blocks

    Dynamic content, buttons, code snippets, enhanced dynamic content, free-form content, external content, HTML, images, image carousels, layouts, social follows, social shares, text

  • Mobile push notifications

    And mobile messages

  • Automations
  • Data extensions
  • Query activities
  • Classic emails
  • Classic email templates
  • Data filters

Ready to get started?
How to add DESelect Search

DESelect Search is free, and is available as a Chrome Extension in Google Web Store or can be installed directly in your Marketing Cloud. If you are an administrator in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you simply need to be signed in in order to finish the installation.

Key Features of DESelect Search

  • It's 100% free
  • A user-friendly interface
  • You can install it in your Marketing Cloud and use it immediately
  • Search objects by name and external key and find results within seconds
  • Find results from your current business unit or across business units
  • You don’t need to enter the Marketing Cloud subdomain
You don’t need to enter the Marketing Cloud subdomain

What Users of the Marketing Cloud are saying about DESelect Search

  • Super helpful for finding assets that are hidden amongst folders/ made from old team members/ lost in the abyss!amounts of time!”

    Liz Watkins

  • I work at Salesforce as a Marketing Cloud SE and love this extension because it makes it very easy to find assets as I prepare for a demo and it is great to share with customers to help them manage their MC account assets & data.

    Tom Niehaus Marketing Cloud SE

  • This extension is a lifesaver! It has taken sometimes hour-long searches for assets and reduced it down to minutes. I would say this tool is really a must-have for anyone working in SFMC especially in Business Units that have a ton of assets.

    It is a gamechanger definitely 5/5

    Theo Ansa

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