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  • From manually integrating data sources to marketing automation

    Sometimes marketers request a data file for a campaign, upload the file, and then send an email to the resulting list. This has become uncommon yet still exists. Manual processes like these are slow and often induce error. The FileZilla interface when connecting the FTP to SFMC to do data imports and exports Fortunately, manual […]
  • How to connect your Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    From limited native connectors to more control and supported uses cases Companies using SFMC are likely to have Service Cloud or any of the other Salesforce cloud offerings. That means these companies might depend on native connectors built into SFMC.   Marketing Cloud Connect is a well-known native connector that allows admins to integrate Service and […]
  • How marketers can become more technical without becoming technical marketers

    From custom development to no-code integration for SFMC SFMC’s reputation for being somewhat technical still stands. The integration work still requires developers. Integrating requires knowledge of authentication, REST API, SOAP API, and sometimes SFMC’s proprietary scripting code, AMPScript, used in CloudPages. This difficult route requires developers who understand complex code stacks. That means marketers are […]
  • Save Time using DESelect

    If you’re like me and already are proficient in SQL, when looking at DESelect, you might wonder, “What’s in it for me?!”. I did the same until I had a closer look into what the tool has to offer and how easy it is to use. Thinking about where the tool could help you even […]
  • Why is personalization key and your average newsletter isn’t enough in a data-driven world

    From newsletters to data-driven campaigns In the past, email marketing was easier. A simple welcome letter and regular newsletter would have sufficed. These were relatively easy from a data perspective.  All you needed was a list of customers (or “data extension” in SFMC terms), provided by some form of CRM or a subscribe button on […]
  • Script Activity – The underrated SFMC powerhouse

    Perhaps you haven’t heard about Automation Studio’s script activity yet? Or maybe you’re still wondering what you can do with it. You’re not alone, as this powerful activity type’s sorely underused. However, you’ll appreciate its flexibility and power once you see what it can do. Many MVPs, Marketing Champions, and passionate power users swear by […]
  • Contact Count: Monitoring and Data Cleansing

    Contact Count – Monitoring and Data Cleansing Have you already heard about the “Contact Limit” or “Contact Count” within Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Or have you been contacted by your Account Executive because you exceeded the allocated amount of contacts? In this article you will learn everything you need to know! What is the “Contact Count” […]
  • Connecting data through Contact Builder

    Marketing Cloud Connect and Contact Builder What is Marketing Cloud Connect (MC Connect)? MC Connect helps you synchronize your CRM data from Sales Cloud or Service Cloud to your Marketing Cloud. You do this through synchronized data sources, where you define which CRM “objects” (accounts, contacts, etc.) need to sync to Marketing Cloud. These objects […]

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tricks, and DESelect updates

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