Meet Team DESelect

We bridge the gap between you and your data in Marketing Cloud

The DESelect team has worked on and led major Marketing Automation and CRM projects, especially for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).


"Our mission is to elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale."
Anthony Lamot
CEO & Co-Founder
"Our primary goal is to build product functionality that provides the best possible customer experience"
Jonathan Van Driessen
CTO & Co-Founder

DESelect Vision

When we think about the future of our industry, we envision a world where:

  • Individuals expect timely and 1:1 engagement, while catering to their uniqueness and privacy
  • Organizations that automate messaging yet manage to remain human and authentic are most likely to succeed
  • Human intelligence at scale will deliver “wow”-experiences and empower humanity to remain connected

From a technological perspective, in this world, we imagine:

  • Time-to-value and (near) instant deployability as critical value propositions for SaaS  and major competitive advantages
  • While AI will be omnipresent, marketers need the data to build human experiences that best engage their customers.
  • The complexity of digital engagement, 1:1 personalization, and high-volume messaging has created a need for Marketing Operations to render Marketing Automation more manageable

Meet our Co-Founders

  • Anthony Lamot CEO & Co-Founder
    Anthony spent 7 years in CRM and Marketing Automation, leading projects for national and international organizations. It’s during these that he recognized the need and potential for DESelect. In his last advisory role, Anthony was the Lead Marketing Automation at Toyota Motor Europe, where he helped roll out SFMC to 30 markets in less than a year...
  • Jonathan Van Driessen CTO & Co-Founder
    Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded companies such as, and InfinitySleeves and has published on the Salesforce AppExchange before. He holds a Master degree in Business Engineering in Management Information Systems, as well as an additional Bachelor degree in Law.
  • Stijn van Walle CFO (Advisor)
    +10 years in finance. At Teamleader, Stijn oversaw growth from 10K MRR to 1 million MRR.
  • Jean-Marc Bosschem Sales Manager
    Jean-Marc has been operating in SaaS Sales for multiple years. He has been through the ranks from sales development representative all the way up to Sales Manager. Over the years, he has helped a number of start-ups and scale-ups by doing what he loves most. That is, creating value for customers with awesome products and enabling salespeople to reach their goals.
  • Justin Plappert Head of Marketing
    Justin is a marketing and operations leader with over 10 years of experience helping SaaS companies accelerate revenue efficiently. He combines simple messaging, data-driven marketing, and efficient processes to help marketing and sales teams generate powerful results.
  • Alex Annala-Kinne Talent Acquisition Partner
    Alex is Talent Acquisition specialist and HR Strategic partner with over 7 years experience. She brings a background of DEI focused recruiting efforts specific to Tech and an enthusiasm for HR best practices.
  • Stephanie de Coker Account Executive
    Stephanie has a passion for technology and appreciates that every customer is unique. She makes it her mission to have a deep understanding of what customers need and only providing the ideal solution for them.
  • Gregory Kaliuzhnyi Account Executive
    Gregory helps customers improve their segmentation processes. He has experience in digital marketing and can answer deep product-related questions. Gregory holds a Master degree in International Business Management and Economics (magna cum laude).
  • Samuel Panal Business Development Lead
    Samuel has a motivation to understand customers’ challenges and guide them to find a right solution. He is fascinated about technology and entrepreneurship. He holds a Master Degree in Corporate Finance.
  • Bram Verheyen Account Executive
    Bram is convinced that using the right tools can speed up processes tremendously. Therefore he strives to find the perfect solution for each customer. Bram holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing and a Master's degree in the European Union and International Trade Relations.
  • Ramya Iyer Account Executive
    Ramya helps customers discover how they can optimally leverage technology to automate their processes. She is curious about the needs of customers and gets her energy by creating value for them. Ramya holds a Masters in Global Business Management from Antwerp Management School.
  • Maxime Scarcez Account Executive
    Max is fascinated by science & technology. Passionate about business practices, he focuses on identifying the best opportunities to improve overall efficiency in a company. Max trained initially as a commercial pilot, showcasing his interest in applied sciences. His journey took him toward data management and now combines his interests in business and technology.
  • Zach Reinke Account Executive
    Zach is a sales professional driven by curiosity and a desire to construct a unique experience for his customers. He is passionate about creating success through efficiency and building relationships.
  • August Vanbesien Account Executive
    August is an experienced account executive with over five years of sales experience in the Technology sector. His main goal is to understand the clients' problems to help them find the best solution.
  • Ruud Janssen Partner Account Manager EMEA
    Ruud is a seasoned relationship builder with a solid background in private equity transactions. With extensive experience in mediating between parties, he always strives for a win-win situation. As an alumnus of Antwerp Management School, Ruud has a broad network of professionals in various fields.
  • Giulia Terrone Account Executive
    Giulia works on Market Research and supports the sales team. She holds a Master degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, as well as an additional Bachelor degree in Psychology.
  • Hakan Bayramov Business Development Representative
    Hakan has experience in direct sales that has taught him that constant learning, open-mindedness, and a positive attitude are crucial when interacting with our customers. He holds a Master's degree in Financial Management and a Bachelor's in International Economic Relations.
  • Carley Zoccali Business Development Representative
    Carley works on identifying and creating relationships with prospects while supporting the sales team. She has a passion for meeting new people and problem-solving. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication.
  • Daniel Tee Business Development Representative
    Daniel has a background in digital marketing, and is well-informed about the industry and what a marketer goes through. Being a VP in AIESEC in Leuven in the past also helped with gaining more industry knowledge. Daniel also has a keen interest in assisting others to find solutions to their marketing obstacles. He holds a bachelor in Business Management & Marketing.
  • Keith Mosley Business Development Representative
    Keith loves technology and helping people. Meeting with customers to solve problems, save time and prevent headaches is what drives him. He holds a Bachelor in Management Information Systems.
  • Andrew McMullen Business Development Representative
    Andrew works on reaching out and establishing new connections to help account executives. He makes use of his active listening skills and adaptability to understand the needs of prospects and team members. He holds a bachelor's degree in public health.
  • Gabriele Strisciuglio Business Development Representative
    Gabriele has experience in digital marketing, he is fascinated by Psychology and the decision-making process during sales. He supports the sales team and holds a Master degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing.
  • Zandra Marquez Customer Success Manager
    Zandra has always been fascinated with engaging with different people, listening to their stories, and curious about how unique each individual could be. She has 3 years of customer service experience and holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.
  • Quint Wapenaar Solution Engineer
    Quint has worked as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist for 6+ years. He loves to automate processes and help organizations make an impact quickly. "No" is not an option, he will find a way to achieve a solution.
  • Argyro Sioziou Customer Success Manager / Backend Developer
    Argyro mainly supports customer onboarding and develops DESelect features. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business, with a major in software engineering and data science.
  • Mahmoud Khatib Customer Success Manager
    Mahmoud has majored in Computer system Engineering, and a minor degree in business administration. He has been working in supporting customers journeys in the post sales cycle for over 7 years, helping to onboard customers to be successful using SaaS B2B products. He's a people person, and loves to meet customers and colleagues and exchange both business and random stories which create strong bonds on several levesls.
  • Kyra Constam Fung Senior Graphic Designer
    Kyra is an interdisciplinary designer with expertise in digital marketing design and UI/UX design for tech startups. Beyond tech, she is trained in traditional graphic design and photography. Kyra uses these skills to increase lead generation and keep customers engaged. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art.
  • Michelle Tjok Joe Executive Assistant
    Michelle works as Executive Assistant for the founders and supports HR & IT as well. She holds a Master degree in Organisation & Management.
  • Claudette Van Ravenstein Office Manager
    Claudette is the Office Manager in Austin, Texas, and brings over 15 years of experience working in a wide variety of positions ranging from systems analyst in the banking industry to academic support coordinator in the district office of a public school system. She will run back-office operations and help support HR and IT. She holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Stavros Batsaktsis Sales Operations
    Stavros used to be on the front line of the sales process but he has since shifted to Sales Operations. He is currently focused on the householding of the CRM and on analysing the activities of the Sales Team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
  • Omar Elsehrawy Backend Developer
    Omar is a self-taught programmer and has 6+ experience in frontend and backend, helped many entrepreneurs to empower their businesses, passionate about making a difference and meeting new people.
  • Onur Tekin Backend Developer
    Onur builds features mainly for DESelect’s backend. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Svetozar Radić Frontend Web Developer
    Svetozar builds features mainly for DESelect’s frontend. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.
  • David Kiragu Fullstack Developer
    David is a developer with a strong interest in research and development. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Microprocessor Technology and Instrumentation with a major in Biomed.
  • Matthias Maes Security Officer
    Matthias used to hack his way into multiple global organizations as a penetration tester and now he's now responsible for maintaining DESelect's security program. He provides the necessary insights for DESelect's security measures and for our customers. He holds a Bachelor's degree in IT and Electronics.

Our Core Principles

DESelect is a principles-driven company where we hold ourselves accountable to certain values and behaviors, all in support of our mission.

A more extensive description of our principles can be found in our “Culture Page”.

  • Trust

    because it is the foundation
    of doing business.

  • Personal Responsibility
    Personal Responsibility

    because we know individuals make a difference.

  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience

    because it has become the deciding factor for customers.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Continuous Improvement

    because every day is an opportunity to do better.

  • Adaptability

    because we live and work in an extremely dynamic environment.

We participate in Pledge 1%

DESelect participates in Pledge 1%, a program that invites companies to contribute 1% of their time, equity, product and/or profit. This way companies leverage a portion of their success to support non-profits in their communities.

This program is actively supported by Salesforce, who invites their partners to participate as well.

  • 1% of Product:
    1% of Product:

    We offer discounts to non-profit customers.

  • 1% of Profit:
    1% of Profit:

    DESelect commits to giving back 0.5% of revenue to good causes. At the end of each year, we do a vote within the company for causes we care about. Next, we divide the available sum to the top causes.

  • 1% of Time:
    1% of Time:

    We work together with GiveADay, an organisation supporting organisations who want to do volunteering work. DESelect sets aside time to participate in volunteering work with non-profit organisations in the local community.

  • Wren Carbon Offsets
    Wren Carbon Offsets
  • Voices of the Children
    Voices of the Children
  • World Central Kitchen
    World Central Kitchen
  • The Ocean Cleanup
    The Ocean Cleanup

Board of Advisors

  • Federico Larsen
    Founder and CTO of Copado. Federico is a passionate Cloud enthusiast with a focus on the Salesforce ecosystem since 2005. After 11 years in the IT space, Federico saw a need for a platform that increased the efficiency of complex manual releases on the Salesforce platform. In September 2021, Copado raised a $140 Million Series C round to expand its DevOps platform with a $1.2 Billion valuation
  • Hendrik Isebaert
    Chief Executive Officer at Showpad. Hendrik originally joined Showpad as the Chief of Staff, subsequently taking on roles as VP and Managing Director for EMEA and as Senior Vice President of Revenue Globally. A Harvard Business School graduate, Hendrik is focused on helping companies deliver the best possible buying experience.
  • Louis Jonckheere
    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer in Showpad, a software platform for marketers and sellers that enables them to have better customer conversations. Louis graduated with a Master of Laws at Ghent University and after a Masters in General Management at Vlerick Management School, Louis started his career in 2009 at Netlog as a Strategic Partnership Manager. In 2011, Louis co-founded Showpad, which was recently identified as one of the key players in the Sales Training and Onboarding Software market globally.
  • Pascal Borremans
    EU Salesforce Practice Lead at Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. Pascal has a passion for customer management and technologies and significant experience in the insurance and B2B services industries.
  • Sam Gutmann
    Chief Executive Officer at OwnBackup. Sam is a software entrepreneur and business builder that pioneered the online and cloud backup and recovery space. OwnBackup has recently raised a $167.5 Million Series D Investment to expand its market presence in Europe.
  • Stijn Christiaens
    Co-founder & Chief Data Citizen at Collibra. The Belgian tech has reached unicorn status by raising €216M funding and doubling its valuation to €4.5B. Stijn leads Collibra’s Data Office and is responsible for overall data strategy, data infrastructure, and translating internal learnings into value for our customers and partners. He is also Collibra’s product evangelist and drives future innovation. Previously, Stan launched various departments within Collibra including Product, Presales, Postsales, Partnerships, Marketplace, and Research and Education.

Lead Investor

Strategic Partner

  • Adjacent
    Adjacent is a New York-based early-stage fund led by Nico Wittenborn. The firm prefers to invest in the mobile sector. In 2021, Adjacent was one of the key investors to close DESelect Seed Fund round of $5.5 million.
  • Salesforce

    The Salesforce AppExchange Program, on average, delivers partners a year-over-year revenue growth of 48%. With a customer base of over 150,000 globally, 86% of Salesforce customers have installed 1+ AppExchange app.

    In addition, we're happy to announce that we're participating in the Salesforce Accelerate program.

    During this program, we will intensify our collaboration with Salesforce even further and continue to build trust in the ecosystem, all with an eye on delivering more customer success.

    Salesforce Accelerate is a four-month virtual program powered by Salesforce for Startups. It is designed to provide the insights, learning and support that startups need to strategically align with Salesforce and accelerate their time-to-market with AppExchange.

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