DESelect Mission

DESelect's mission is to become
the preferred segmentation solution
for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

DESelect Team

The team members at DESelect used to lead major Marketing Automation and CRM projects for established brands. As such, we believe we bring some unique insights to the table. Our team consists of former consultants, people specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) through experience and constant learning, and highly specialized technologists.

Anthony Lamot DESelect

Anthony Lamot
CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony spent 7 years in CRM and Marketing Automation, leading projects for national and international organizations. It’s during these that he recognized the need and potential for DESelect. In his last advisory role, Anthony was the Lead Marketing Automation at Toyota Motor Europe, where he helped roll out SFMC to 30 markets in less than a year. Earlier he also founded a mentoring program for startups and a booking site for sailing trips. Anthony holds a MsC Work Psychology (magna cum laude).

Jonathan Van Driessen DESelect

Jonathan Van Driessen
CTO & Co-Founder

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded companies such as, and InfinitySleeves and has published on the Salesforce AppExchange before. He holds a Master degree in Business Engineering in Management Information Systems, as well as an additional Bachelor degree in Law.

Stijn van Walle - DESelect

Stijn van Walle
CFO (Advisor)

+10 years in finance. At Teamleader, Stijn oversaw growth from 10K MRR to 1 million MRR.

Gregory Kaliuzhnyi DESelect

Gregory Kaliuzhnyi
Account Executive

Gregory helps customers improve their segmentation processes. He has experience in digital marketing and can answer deep product-related questions. Gregory holds a Master degree in International Business Management and Economics (magna cum laude).

Stephanie de Coker

Stephanie de Coker
Account Executive

Stephanie has a passion for technology and appreciates that every customer is unique. She makes it her mission to have a deep understanding of what customers need and only providing the ideal solution for them.

Ben Asamoah

Ben Asamoah
Account Executive

Ben is a ‘Third Culture Kid’ who can easily adapt to individuals from all backgrounds. He holds a Master’s degree in film directing but has a passion for sales. Ben has extensive experience in the SaaS environment having closed deals with an average price value of a quarter million. At DESelect, he likes to interact with prospects, identify challenges and propose solutions.

Giulia Terrone

Giulia Terrone
Business Development Representative

Giulia works on Market Research and supports the sales team. She holds a Master degree in Psychology of Communication and Marketing, as well as an additional Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Stavros DESelect

Stavros Batsaktsis
Business Development Representative

Stavros works on Market Research and supports the sales team. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. 

Alina Makarova DESelect

Alina Makarova
Digital Marketer

Alina supports DESelect’s growth strategy through various channels and content collaboration. She holds a Master degree in Cultural Studies.

Argyro Sioziou DESelect

Argyro Sioziou
Backend Developer

Argyro builds features mainly for DESelect’s backend. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business, with a major in software engineering and data science.

Onur Tekin DESelect

Onur Tekin
Backend Developer

Onur builds features mainly for DESelect’s backend. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.

DESelect Svetozar Radic

Svetozar Radić
Frontend Web Developer

Svetozar builds features mainly for DESelect’s frontend. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Murtaza DESelect

Ghulam Murtaza
Frontend Web Developer

Murtaza builds mainly front-end features and has 2+ years of professional experience as a software developer working both front-end and back-end. Currently, he is doing MSc in Computer Science in Rome, Italy.

Abubakar DESelect

Abubakar Ibrahim
Fullstack Developer

Abubakar is a passionate and confident developer with a penchant for solving problems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He works on both the frontend and the backend parts of the DESelect.

Kamila Dudkiewicz DESelect

Kamila Dudkiewicz
UX/UI Designer

Kamila is a 3rd year student of Interactive Graphics and Multimedia in Tischner European Academy in Krakow. She solves usability problems, designs User Experience and User Interface.

Agata DESelect

Agata Lipiak
Frontend Web Developer

Agata holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and she is a self-taught programmer by passion. 

Wajdi Makhlouf DESelect

Wajdi Makhlouf
Backend Developer

Wajdi build features mainly for DESelect backend, he holds a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering degree in Software Engineering.

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Start it @KBC is Belgium’s largest accelerator and supports entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and scalable business models. The international community of Start it @KBC consists of a network of over 830 startups and scaleups that strengthen one another through experience and expertise.

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EY Law is a business law firm acting for domestic and foreign companies. Its lawyers have an entrepreneurial, innovative and solution-based approach that has earned us an outstanding reputation in the market.

DESelect & Penguins

DESelect Penguin Newsletter Subscribe

You may have noticed that we like to use penguin imagery. Why is that?

One time, CTO & Co-Founder Jonathan sent a selfie of himself and a penguin while traveling South Africa. It was an instant success in the team and we simply realized that all of us really like penguins! Shortly after, we began using penguins in our branding. This finally led to our mascot, Deedee, which you can also find sliding in our app.

We believe marketing and data is exciting and fun, and feel that penguins are great to express this. Penguins also build long-term relationships and take care of one another, not to mention they are hardy and can withstand extreme conditions. These are all traits we aim to embody at DESelect.

DESelect Principles

DESelect is a principles-driven company
where we hold ourselves accountable
to certain values and behaviors,
all in support of our mission.

We apply 5 principles:

  1. Trust, because it is the foundation of doing business.
  2. Personal Responsibility, because we know individuals make a difference.
  3. Customer Experience, because it has become the deciding factor for customers.
  4. Continuous Improvement, because every day is an opportunity to do better.
  5. Adaptability, because we live and work in an extremely dynamic environment.

We have translated these principles into concrete “I-statements” that prescribe how we aim to act. A more extensive description of our principles and I-statements can be found in our “Principles Manifesto”:

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