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  • “With DESelect, our marketing team is able to unify multiple data sources, identify high-value customer segments, deliver curated experiences to those audiences, and produce measurable results. Best of all, they're doing so independently -- without reliance on IT or SQL -- and in less time. We’re improving order rates, generating more revenue, and DESelect allows us to do that."
  • "We had a wealth of customer data available just waiting to be unleashed by our marketers.... Now our email team conducts real-time segmentation within Marketing Cloud. What used to take our marketers anywhere from 3-14 days now takes less than 24 hours."
  • "I am very satisfied with DESelect. It has solved almost every challenge we've had with Marketing Cloud. It's really useful to have all your data in one place and easily segment it. Our customers are also pleased with the service. They like the ROI."
  • “DESelect is what’s missing from Salesforce. It transforms the Marketing Cloud experience as a very flexible, intuitive tool that allows you to communicate with the right customers, about the right things, at the right time.”
  • "I didn't really understand SQL in the beginning, and DESelect helped me understand how to create complex audiences. I didn't need to know any syntax, orders, or anything like that, I just needed to understand the logic."
  • “It’s surprising how much time it has saved me. Instead of creating new and multiple automations in Automation Studio, which is really time-consuming, I can create an audience segment that I use regularly and schedule them to run every day in DESelect.”
  • “We wanted to eliminate this back and forth when it came to writing queries. We don’t have to rely on other teams anymore, and can easily set it up ourselves.”
  • “DESelect has been more impactful than Marketing Cloud itself…it gives us access to so much in Salesforce. Also, it's improved our Salesforce skills because we must identify the data that connects the two platforms and have a deeper understanding of how the data architecture works."
  • “By using DESelect I understand the database of Maczfit in a better way, because it gives me the data I have to use, and I simply have to put the pieces together.”
  • “By reducing the team’s reliance on IT resource to build out audience segments, DESelect has really given us a level of autonomy and freedom that didn’t exist before. It’s removed so many blockers for us that it’s really revolutionised how we work and the speed at which we can deliver results. We’ve been using DESelect for the last nine months and the scope of work we’ve been able to deliver in that time would have been unthinkable 12 months ago.”
  • "It’s simple to use, and it saves the resources of those we have on staff. With more time freed up, they can focus on things more important to our business."
  • "Sometimes you think something like this is so far away from what we’re ultimately trying to do, but it’s not. It’s right in the middle of it all. Because if we engage with our customers in the right way, chances are we will optimize donations, and by doing that, we will be able to put more money into supporting those with a brain tumor and their families, but also (and really importantly) putting money into research – and that’s where we’re going to find the cure!”
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