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As an official partner to Salesforce, DESelect aims to enable teams across different industries to grow, faster

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  • "It will also be easier to onboard new colleagues in database marketing because SQL knowledge is not necessary with DESelect."
  • "In terms of recommending DESelect, on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10!"
  • “I will definitely recommend DESelect to all my clients in the future.”
  • “DESelect turned our whole team into data experts.”
  • “The user interface of DESelect is self-explanatory. This helped me a lot.”
  • “For us, DESelect was the puzzle piece that was really missing within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”
  • “Using DESelect is much more efficient. I think we can do it 50% more efficiently than we used to.”
  • "DESelect has increased efficiency by 50%. It’s a lot easier to do something ad-hoc now."
  • “We are very impressed with DESelect’s capabilities”

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