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As an official partner to Salesforce, DESelect aims to enable teams across different industries to grow, faster

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  • "Easy way to define the target group for your marketing campaign"
  • "DESelect allows us to create emotional moments with our customers through the data we share with them in our communications. It also raises loyalty and I think that’s overall what we are working towards. The customers choose us over another competitor because they feel more connected to our brand."
  • “With DESelect we give our non-tech marketers the power of SQL without the need to have deep tech skills.”
  • "Immediate ROI Through Time-Savings and Data Optimization"
  • "I can’t envision the marketing department without the use of DESelect. This has really improved our ability to scale as a marketing team because the process of cross training a marketer on our data, the querying process, and how our data interfaces with Salesforce, is so much easier with this tool."
  • "We believe in the product; my team certainly does. We wouldn't partner with someone if we didn't believe it. One of our values is trust and honesty. We will only say what we think is right to customers. To be honest, everybody loves DESelect. So it was quite an easy one to go for."
  • “Saved approximately 2 days of time per week for the technical members of the team.”
  • "If using Marketing Cloud, must also Budget for DESelect"
  • "The sophistication and the functionality in DESelect can really move you ahead in the higher-ed/nonprofit space by being able to provide really customized messages to donors."
  • "It will also be easier to onboard new colleagues in database marketing because SQL knowledge is not necessary with DESelect."
  • "DESelect has finally allowed us to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its full potential"
  • “Ability to build complex segmentations in a user-friendly UI with drag and drop helps our marketers be efficient.”
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