DESelect Segment

Leverage all your SFMC data without writing SQL queries with DESelect segmentation solution

Intuitive drag-and-drop segmentation

DESelect’s mission is to enable marketers to manage their data easily through user-friendly solutions built for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Join data extensions together

    Use drag-and-drop to easily join data extensions together and define how they are related. Admins can pre-define these relations.

  • Exclude records

    Similarly to joining data extensions, indicate records you want to exclude from your selection.

  • Append data sources

    Append contacts from different data sources together.

  • Apply filter criteria

    Apply a multitude of filters across data extensions and sources, supporting all field formats.

  • Perform calculations

    Use subqueries to aggregate data and perform calculations, like how many purchases a customer has made or how much a customer has spent.

  • Sort and limit results

    Sort your results alphabetically, by date, or any other way that is logical. Limit the number of results if needed.

  • Define and use picklists

    Define picklist values and labels as an admin, enabling your team to filter with more certainty.

  • Set manual or rule-based values

    Personalize your results, by setting manual or rule-based values, for example, “Female” becomes “Miss” and “Male” becomes “Mister”.

  • Deduplicate records with rules

    Deduplicate records with one or many rules, given a certain priority.

  • Use waterfall segmentation

    Apply cascading rules to use ‘waterfall selections’.

  • Schedule selections

    Schedule the execution of selections from within DESelect. Easily run selections of recurring campaigns or selections that refresh data on a regular basis.

Want to know how you can segment your data with DESelect?

Full integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

DESelect offers full plug-and-play integration that is real-time and no-maintenance

  • We do it for you

    We take care of installing DESelect for you through an “installed package” – a matter that takes us just about 30 minutes.

  • Plug-and-play

    Start using all features right away once setup is complete.

  • No-maintenance integration

    Leverage new data sets the moment they are available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud without having to make modifications.

  • Automate your segmentation

    Automatically refresh your segments, by adding SQL query activities that DESelect generates to automations within Automation Studio.

  • Access any data extension

    Leverage any standard, synchronized, Salesforce, or shared data extension within your SFMC business unit.

  • Access any field

    For any data extension you select, DESelect will provide you with the available fields and field formats.

  • Leverage behavioral data

    Leverage and explore behavioral data by accessing data views – system-generated data extensions populated by Salesforce Marketing Cloud with information on subscriber engagement and more.

  • Access data in real-time

    Always access your latest data, as DESelect continuously checks for the latest data extensions in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Limit access to certain data extensions in DESelect

    As an admin, limit data extensions to be leveraged for segmentation as needed.

  • Including/ Excluding of folders in the Admin app

    DESelect allows administrators to include and exclude folders in a certain business unit. This functionality eases up the search process and improves data processing time by only scanning the included folders you have selected.

  • Preview results

    Obtain rapid feedback on your selection through a preview of results.

  • Use segments for campaigns immediately

    Use selections to populate target data extensions, ready to be used for your next campaign or journey.

  • Auto-map to your target data extension

    Auto-map the data coming from your selected data extensions to your target data extension to save time.

  • Automatically create data extensions (AC/DE)

    Use AC/DE to create new data extensions on the fly and ensure right field formats.

Ready to save 52% of time spent on data management?

Training and Support

We offer extensive training and support, all included in your subscription.

  • Kick-start with onboarding training

    Learn about all DESelect features during a live and customized onboarding training.

  • Get training materials & data

    Receive complete training materials and even training data - already uploaded in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud - so you can practice your new segmentation powers.

  • Get support anytime

    Find the latest features and documentation on our support portal. Open cases via the portal or email.

  • Watch tutorials

    Watch video tutorials on our YouTube channel showcasing different segmentation scenarios. Use the training data we provide to tag along.

Watch tutorials

Security and Data Protection

DESelect offers full plug-and-play integration that is real-time and no-maintenance.
  • Keep all of your data safe and secure
    Keep all of your data safe and secure

    Keep all your customer data safely in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as DESelect only stores “metadata” such as data extension names.

  • Fully Compliant with ISO-27002
    Fully Compliant with ISO-27002

    Rest assured knowing DESelect complies with ISO-27002, covering all aspects of best practice information security policies and processes.

  • Comply with GDPR & CCPA
    Comply with GDPR & CCPA

    DESelect complies with both GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

  • Securely connect DESelect
    Securely connect DESelect
    DESelect offers full plug-and-play integration that is real-time and no-maintenance.

    DESelect has passed Salesforce’s security review. Find out more about our secure API connection to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the DESelect Security Documentation.

Read more about security and data protection

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