Top 10 Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views

Top 10 Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views

In this article, we would like to share our top 10 Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views. What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views? Basically, data views are system-generated tables (or “data extensions, DEs”) in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). They contain different information about subscribers and events such as email/SMS sends, email opens, or links clicked. You can also view behavioral information such as emails that are forwarded to friends. It is also possible to view the bounce rate using data views in SFMC. In total, there are 23 different data views in SFMC that you can check out here.

Specifically for this article, we created a list of 10 most important data views to use in SFMC.

You can use data views to create queries in the marketing cloud using SQL. Here you can find a guide that introduces you to SQL creation in SFMC.

  1. _Subscribers

Using this data view you can find out about the accounts who are subscribers in SFMC, as well as that, you can get to know their statuses. 

Check out how to select contacts that are known _Subscribers!

2. _Click

This data view is used to find out about the data on email clicks from your campaign in SFMC. 

3. _Bounce

Using this data view you can find out the data on bounces from your email campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

4. _Journey

This data view concerns information regarding the Journey Builder. For instance, it stores the information about the journey’s status, the date it was created and/ or modified created and last modified, version ID and number.

5. _Job

This data view allows you to get the information about email send jobs in SFMC. It includes the email, account, job, and event related data.

6. _Unsubscribe

Using this data view, you can get the data on unsubscribed subscribers.

7.  _Open

_Open data view contains the information about the email opens in SFMC.

8. _ListSubscribers

Using this data view you can get the information about the subscribers in your SFMC account on lists. It contains information about the subscriber together with the email information and unsubscribes information. This data view contains the information about subscribers found on the Triggered Send Managed List.

9.  _SMSSubscription

This data view helps to find subscription log information that is related to MobileConnect SMS sends in SFMC. For instance, it contains information about the way how the contact subscribed to the SMS opt in. 

10. _Sent

Using this data view you can find out the list of subscribers whom the communication was sent to from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

For instance, you would like to get the details of all Contacts that have not received any emails in the last 14 days. Curious how to easily extract this information in SFMC? Check out our guide here.


Marketing cloud data views contain a lot of relevant information that can be used in email or mobile campaigns that you create. We hope that this article about the top 10 most important salesforce marketing cloud data views will help you create successful communication in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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