Alternatives to integrating data sources into SFMC

Alternatives to integrating data sources into SFMC

AMPScript and CloudPages together give you possibilities to integrate with SFMC, but:

  • Disadvantages are like API integration
  • AMPScript is a proprietary Salesforce code library that is less known
  • CloudPages can capture leads but, again, marketers are better off using CMS or drag-and-drop landing page builders.

No-code integration solutions require no rare knowledge and allow users to connect to other no-code solutions.

Native Connector (Marketing Cloud Connect) Integration

Native connectors offer you a simplified standard way to integrate, but:

  • The typical integration points are Sales or Service Cloud, not SFMC
  • Developer dependency will cease but you’ll still require an admin
  • Sync is not real-time

Yet, no-code solutions for integration in SFMC connect with nearly every data point while syncing in real-time.

FTP Integration

FTP offers easy setup that digests large data volumes, but:

  • It’s not secure, nor considered a best practice
  • Syncing occurs in a batch (usually hourly)
  • Lack of error notifications makes debugging time-consuming

Alternatively, no-code SFMC integration is secure, supports more campaign types, and is monitored easily.

Middleware (e.g., MuleSoft) Integration

Middleware is robust for large data volumes and offers real-time integration, but:

  • The tech stack sits on enterprise level, not just in marketing
  • They’re typically managed by IT

No-code integration solutions enable marketers!

Watch this video to learn more about alternative data integrations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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