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Simplify Compliance

How Simplify Compliance scaled their marketing team while maximizing ROI from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Overcoming the challenge of SQL while implementing SFMC

Simplify Compliance was surprised to learn how much SQL knowledge would be required to use Marketing Cloud. Although a few veteran marketers could help, the team’s need for a large volume of complex queries exceeded their bandwidth. Additionally, company leadership needed a way to make it easier, and more efficient, for their marketers to understand the complexity of how different data elements needed to work together for successful campaigns.


  • Accommodate high volumes of complex queries needed for personalized campaigns.
  • Standardize queries, and remove duplicate work, to create more efficiency and productivity.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities via better reporting and improve marketing data integrity.


  • 300% increase in queries run successfully.
  • Marketing team is fulfilling requests 50% faster producing immediate revenue implications.
  • No more reliance on IT tickets for help with queries or running reports. Marketing can now self service.
I can’t envision the marketing department without the use of DESelect. This has really improved our ability to scale as a marketing team because the process of cross training a marketer on our data, the querying process, and how our data interfaces with Salesforce, is so much easier with this tool.

Kim St. LawrenceChief Marketing Officer


How Simplify Compliance uses DESelect

  1. Primarily to build very targeted market segments with sophisticated data selection.
  2. Utilizing the preview tool to give marketers more visibility into queries.
  3. Leveraging templates, for standardization, to build segments quickly and accurately.
  4. Applying more effective engagement parameters to queries for progressive profiling campaigns.
  5. Improving reporting by running queries against their database to quantify null values on fields.


Why Simplify Compliance chose DESelect

  • Less overhead & training
    “When we started to evaluate DESelect it was a no-brainer for us to move forward on it because there was no way that we would be able to hire one or two individuals on staff and see the same ROI, or get the same value as we would from DESelect.”
  • Productivity & Efficiency
    “Giving marketers a tool where they can utilize a template and not have to rebuild the entire structure of that query was a huge advantage. This allowed me to have a bit more oversight and ensure we are building queries accurately each time.”
  • Paid Trial & Expert Support
    “The trial gave me peace of mind. I could make sure that all the elements of the tool worked for us and our use cases. I also experienced the customer support offered, and at that point I was completely hooked. We felt very supported and could tell that DESelect has a high level of expertise.”

Q&A with CMO Kim St. Lawrence from Simplify Compliance

  • What challenges were you dealing with before finding DESelect?

    We’re relatively new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We were really just focused on implementation this year and when we purchased it, although we love the tool, I don’t think we fully comprehended just how much SQL
    knowledge was required within the system. As we were onboarding, we found ourselves in a situation where we

    had a ton of queries that needed to be created and very limited technical knowledge on our marketing team. We
 just didn’t have the skills or the tools to support that level of knowledge that was required.

  • What were some of the problems you were trying to solve?

    We have a very unique data configuration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I know there are a lot of users out there tapping into Salesforce data exclusively, and that was not the case with us. Getting into DESelect solved for challenges that maybe we didn’t even know we had, because it gave us the ability to standardize a lot of our queries and templatize a lot of our queries, which we didn’t have the ability to do before.

  • What are some of the results you’ve seen from DESelect?

    DESelect has immediate revenue implications for us because when we get a request on a count from our
    database, we can turn around that query request to a prospect in half the time... I think that DESelect has helped the sanity of our marketers which is difficult to quantify; but certainly it’s been a lot easier for them to use the tool and I can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like if we had them in there building SQL.

  • What made you want to use DESelect now vs. later?

    Our team didn’t know Marketing Cloud; they were just learning it. The last thing we wanted to do was impose this other layer of having them trained on SQL and having them learn a new skill. We just thought putting that pressure on them to learn a new system as well as a new process for querying would be too overwhelming and it would really impact productivity. After having DESelect, I will tell you that we’re not going back; the benefits that we realized with DESelect far surpassed our expectation.

  • What was the bottom line when choosing DESelect?

    We had three reasons that we chose, and would recommend, DESelect: the intuitive user interface, the
    exceptional customer service, and the ability to turn and burn and scale on marketing operations in a way that we have never done.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time