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Our mission is to “Elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale.”

Our vision below outlines how we anticipate the future of how humans will interact with marketing, and our mission reflects where we want to position ourselves in this future.

Our culture is put in place to support our mission.

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When we think about the future of our industry, we envision a world where:

  • Individuals expect timely and 1:1 engagement, while catering to their uniqueness and privacy
  • Organizations that automate messaging yet manage to remain human and authentic are most likely to succeed
  • Human intelligence at scale will deliver “wow”-experiences and empower humanity to remain connected.

Consequently, Marketing Operations (MOPS) in general and Marketing Automation (MA) specifically, play a central role in enabling organizations to deliver digital messages effectively. We will see more Senior Executives with MOPS backgrounds because of this.

From a technological perspective, in this world, we imagine:

  • Time-to-value as a critical value proposition for SaaS, and (near) instant-deployable SaaS having a huge competitive advantage.
  • While AI will be omnipresent, marketers need to be empowered by their data to build human experiences to best engage with their customers.
  • The complexity of digital engagement, 1:1 personalization, and high-volume messaging has created a need for Marketing Operations to render Marketing Automation more manageable.

Consequently, great software makes data understandable and balances intuitive user interfaces with surprising levels of control.

To help us achieve our vision, all DESelect “penguins” apply the following 5 principles:

  • Trust
    because it is the foundation of doing business.
  • Personal Responsibility
    Personal Responsibility
    because we know individuals make a difference.
  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience
    because it has become the deciding factor for customers.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Continuous Improvement
    because every day is an opportunity to do better.
  • Adaptability
    because we live and work in an extremely dynamic environment.


  • We seek to establish decades-long relationships with our customers and partners.
  • We act in their best interest.
  • We communicate openly and transparently.
  • Colleagues trust each other and help each other out.
  • We give candid feedback timely, often, and always with positive intent because avoiding issues divides.

Personal Responsibility

  • We take full responsibility for our results.
  • We hold ourselves to high professional standards and help develop talent.
  • We are committed to helping society and the planet.
  • It’s our personal responsibility to challenge others when we disagree, backed by data, insights, and creativity, so together we are ever less wrong.
  • We seek out the best and aim to be the best. If it’s not “Hell yeah!” then it’s a “No!”

Customer Experience

  • We aim to provide “wow” experiences to our customers, partners, and colleagues in every interaction and through our product.
  • We actively seek out feedback from customers to give what they ask for, but also imagine what they really need.
  • We get genuinely enthusiastic when we delight and provide value!

Continuous Improvement

  • Process is part of our DNA. Whenever we see an opportunity to improve the way we work, we act decisively and immediately.
  • We regularly take a step back from our work to critically reflect. And when we do, we do not seek to improve it iteratively, but by an order of magnitude.
  • We provide the tools and training to develop the talent of exceptional people.


  • When change presents itself or we deem it necessary, we rise to the occasion and are able to adapt overnight.
  • We embrace necessary changes to our roles, organization, and services.
  • Our software graciously adapts to our customers’ reality.  

Every strong culture has its “quirks” - the things that make it unique. Here are some of ours:

  • We LOVE penguins!
  • Our mantra is “Do less, better.” It means first removing distractions, and then improving the quality of what is left. This way we prioritize ruthlessly.
  • Just like penguins, we are hardy creatures, willing to face harsh storms to get food for ourselves and our fellow penguins. However, we also want to happily slide around often!
  • We learn from every failure and celebrate success.
  • When in doubt, we default to action.
  • We are a very international crowd, working from many different places around the world.
  • We understand that both humor and tolerance unite us, and artificial harmony - where real issues are avoided - ultimately divides.
  • We like to hang out outside of work and build personal relationships with each other.
  • However, we also understand there is a time of coming and going. When there is no longer a fit, it’s time to move on - and that is OK!
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously… but we take integrity, data, and security VERY seriously.
  • We encourage healthy lifestyles, for example by offering healthy snacks and fruit for employees, and strive for sustainable work-life integration.
  • Naps are allowed! As pro sporters, we know how important recovery and restoration are.

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