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Eliminate bottlenecks in Marketing Cloud to generate revenue faster

Increase SFMC user adoption, reduce risk, save time for expensive resources

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A turn-key solution for accelerating revenue from Marketing Cloud

To get the most value from a large investment like Salesforce Marketing Cloud you need users to adopt the platform as quickly as possible, and efficiently execute high-performing campaigns. DESelect dramatically simplifies the campaign workflow, ensuring processes don’t stop when users change, and empowering non-technical users to execute high-performing campaigns at record speeds.

Empower nontechnical users

Reduce risk, prevent interruptions, waste 0 messages


DESelect’s no-code platform empowers marketing teams execute freely, opening up huge amounts of time for expensive technical resources.

Leverage priceless data

Personalize campaigns around powerful behavioral data


Cut campaign creation time in half and still achieve 5X higher click-through rates 

Improve reporting & maintain consistency

Automatic segment updates keep data fresh and accurate for reporting


Templates, rules, and shared calendar views keep everyone on the same page, and makes it easy for anyone to step in when users change. Marketing ops is no longer trapped in lines of code.

Challenges executive leaders face with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Investment in Marketing Cloud isn't used properly
  • Writing SQL in Marketing Cloud consumes significant time from expensive resources.
  • Marketers need a lot of time for their campaigns 
  • Marketing campaigns don't generate as much revenue as they should
  • Processes are at risk of stopping or slowing down if personnel changes

Unlock Insights & Collaboration

  • Enable Users

  • Standardize

  • Optimize Performance

  • Plug-and-play implementation

    Install DESelect in one day to instantly empower Marketing Cloud users to work independently, with more powerful marketing automation capabilities

  • Standardize

    Leverage collaborative features to empower your team

    Add transparency to segmentation, marketing frequency, and Marketing Cloud Data to improve campaign effectiveness and team collaboration.

  • Optimize Performance

    Stop wasting messages

    DESelect automatically ensures that the right people, receive the right message at the right time, increasing revenue and saving time for the entire organization

Unlock enhanced capabilities for effectively leveraging your data in Marketing Cloud

Case study feature
  • Personalization
    Tailor audiences based on unique behaviors and attributes, including interactions with previous campaigns.
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  • Data Organization
    Standardize processes by making data easy to find, see, and understand.
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  • Frequency Optimization
    Ensure each unique contact receives the optimal amount of communications
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  • Segmentation
    Create specific audiences by combining and filtering data from multiple sources, without any code.
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  • Deduplication
    Eliminate duplicate contacts based on email address, name, or other custom options.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need DESelect?

    We have customers saying that “anyone using Salesforce Marketing Cloud should have DESelect too”. With some exceptions, they are probably right. One of the powerful features of Marketing Cloud is its flexibility to let you define a data model and integrate various data sources. But as a result: You need to do lots of data management, which usually means writing SQL queries or even doing various operations in Excel. The same happens when you need to create extracts to report on your campaigns. All of that is incredibly time consuming and renders the Marketing team dependent on technical experts to support them. Due to its sometimes technical nature, user adoption may also be below expectations. If any of that sounds familiar, then DESelect is for you!

  • What benefits can I expect from DESelect Segment?

    Some of the main benefits of DESelect include: You don’t need to use SQL anymore. Based on our customer success stories, we know that on average you can reduce the time you spend on data in Marketing Cloud (such as writing queries, creating data extensions, briefing an expert on your data requirements,…) by a whopping 52%. You can deliver more targeted and personalized campaigns (asides segmentation, we also offer many ways to personalize your segments). You will be much less dependent on technical experts. You can accelerate your Marketing Cloud implementation, since a large part of an implementation is typically spent on creating the right data sets for campaigns. This can be done much faster with DESelect. These are some of the key benefits you can expect the moment you start with DESelect.

  • What benefits can I expect from DESelect Engage?

    Higher conversion rates with less effort. Using DESelect Segment to craft your perfect audience, Engage allows you to optimize engagement frequency across all channels for automated journeys, pre-planned campaigns, and ad-hoc sends. With everything right in Marketing Cloud, Engage provides a single source of truth for all sends associated with your BU visualized in a calendar format.

  • What Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect from DESelect?

    Once you have reached out to us, we will work with you to assess how much time you are currently spending on data in Marketing Cloud and what campaigns you want to deliver. Based on this, we will build a business case together. You can download a free business case template here to help you evaluate the added value DESelect can bring to your business. Comparing the cost of DESelect to the added value we can bring, customers typically are able to report 3-5X return on their investment.

  • What if I don't have time at the moment to implement an additional solution?

    If you don’t have time, that actually weighs in favor of starting with DESelect as soon as possible, since one of the main benefits is saving time. However, you may worry that you will need to invest a lot of time to get started with DESelect. Rest assured that this is not the case. DESelect offers a plug-and-play integration, and our team will install DESelect for you (which will take them about 30 minutes). Once DESelect is installed, most customers find it intuitive enough to get hands-on right away. We do offer a live onboarding training which typically takes 2 hours, but can be scheduled later, whenever you have the time.

  • Why doesn't Salesforce Marketing Cloud offer this?

    While Salesforce offers a vast amount of solutions and features, a key part of its strategy is to rely on its open ecosystem and let independent software vendors build on its platform. The Salesforce AppExchange is by far the largest B2B app store in the world and is even responsible for the majority of Salesforce’s revenue. So essentially, Salesforce is counting on companies like DESelect to fill in the niches in its offerings.

  • When should I get started with the DESelect marketing optimization platform?

    We recommend you get started with DESelect the moment you begin to implement Marketing Cloud. A large part of a Marketing Cloud implementation is about defining the right data sets for campaigns and DESelect can seriously accelerate your implementation. Starting early will also prevent you from heavily investing in SQL or some other alternative as an intermediary solution. Such investments tend to become sunk costs when you later switch to DESelect, so it is better to avoid these. However, if you are already about to go live with Marketing Cloud, or even have been using Marketing Cloud for a while, DESelect will still be able to offer you great relief. Most our customers have tried and tested various other solutions (many of which described further on this page), found out they did not work for them, and ultimately found their way to DESelect.

Start optimizing your marketing team today

Start optimizing your marketing team today

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