saturation_icon Saturation Control

Visualize and customize each customers’s messaging frequency

Control exactly how many messages each contact can receive and eliminate oversaturation issues across teams and campaigns types

Take full control of how many messages each contact receives.

  • Case study feature
  • Case study feature
  • Case study feature
  • Never send too many messages again
    Configure which types of messages take priority for saturation to ensure the most important messages always make it through.
  • Specify advanced messaging frequency rules
    Specify exactly what saturated means with advanced rules to control unique saturation limits for different contacts.
  • View a dynamic calendar for saturation
    Case study feature
    Simultaneously view your organization’s current’ and upcoming communications, their impact on saturation, and avoid collision with other teams.
  • Identify when contacts are receiving too many messages
    Case study feature
    Gain powerful visibility into which contacts are over saturated based on your marketing team’s definition and rules.
  • Control messaging frequency with personas
    Case study feature
    Create a scoring system to dynamically group contacts into personas based on their behaviors and communication preferences
Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time