Case Study: Springbok


Customer Success Story

Empowering Clients with Quick, Pinpoint Segmentation


Time-Consuming SQL Creation

As an agency specializing in Marketing Automation and CRM, Springbok Agency noticed that almost every client wants an easy way to create and segment audiences, yet in Marketing Cloud it is a complex process.

Marketers had to manually write queries with SQL and/or AMPscript for each client’s 3-4 weekly campaigns. Most issues came down to process inefficiencies or quality control stemming from their clients' side, who usually only have one professional qualified to create audiences.

Now, Springbok has streamlined the segment creation process for clients – they just use DESelect to quickly create accurate audiences.


  • Easily gather client data in one place for one-stop segmentation
  • Provide additional value (ROI) to clients


  • Easy-to-use and automated segmentation greatly reduce time-to-market
  • Better understanding of clients’ customer profiles, informing more accurate campaign forecasting
  • Advanced personalization without the need for AMPscript balances targeting needs with deadline requirements
  • Empowered non-technical users to create audiences, freeing up more technical marketers from day-to-day operations to tackle more impactful projects

I am very satisfied with DESelect. It has solved almost every challenge we've had with Marketing Cloud. It's really useful to have all your data in one place and easily segment it. Our customers are also pleased with the service. They like the ROI.

Pierre Van RootenClient Service Director at Springbok


How Springbok uses DESelect Segment

  1. Tailor-made templates speed up the segmentation process
  2. Analyze database growth through BI tool integration
  3. Complete assignments within clients’ own Marketing Cloud instances
  4. End-to-end ownership of client campaigns, ensuring efficient operations


Why Springbok chose DESelect Segment

  • Expanded client offerings
    “In the beginning, segmentation was not even in our scope. With DESelect, we were able to lower the workload that it requires and we are now able to do that for our clients. It is because of DESelect that we are able to create segments ourselves."
  • Essential to agency operations
    “DESelect is reliable, efficient, and solves a lot of our problems.”
  • Complement Marketing Cloud capabilities
    "In some scenarios, what Salesforce provides via Marketing Cloud is not enough, because it may require people with advanced skills. DESelect complements Salesforce with satisfactory but efficient results.”

Q&A with Pierre Van Rooten from Springbok

  • What achievement are you most proud of accomplishing with DESelect?

    The biggest improvement was the profile of those creating audiences changed. We are creating audiences and templates faster than ever with marketers of all backgrounds, and we can deploy our more technical staff to more important projects.

  • What is the impact on your teams?

    There are the tech experts – the guys who write AMPscript, create API calls integrated with tech stacks, etc. Segmentation with SQL is time consuming for them, but DESelect allows them to get more done in limited time. We prefer to assign them to more important backend work than basic Marketing Cloud segmentation.

  • What would you tell someone to convince them to use DESelect?

    Segmentation is the cornerstone of every CRM activation. It should be easy to do! DESelect can make something complicated straightforward.

  • What’s your favorite feature of DESelect?

    Template creation – if you need to go one step further from the Marketing Cloud offerings and present something tailor-made to a client, you need DESelect.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time