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Meet Our Team: Customer Success Manager, Alex Divrioti

Meet Alex, our newest member of the Customer Success Team, who left sunny Greece behind and moved to Belgium to work at DESelect.

Get her take on her DESelect journey →
DESelect employee spotlight of customer success manager Alex Divrioti
Alex has a passion for innovation, change and exponential growth. That passion makes her an amazing fit for most tech startups. She recently decided to join DESelect as a next step in her career , working from our cozy office in Antwerp. We recently sat down with Alex for an interview, to uncover more about the girl who has a huge heart for her customers.

How was your journey at DESelect so far?

I needed to relocate from Greece and I appreciate how everyone was trying to help me with things that I didn’t know. It’s an international environment and everyone is open in the office. We really have good and fun people working at this company. When comparing the onboarding process with other companies, I must say that I really enjoyed the onboarding at DESelect. There is proper documentation and different things you have to study before you get started. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning because there is a lot of information. But once you get into a rhythm, the process is quite smooth. I’ve seen myself grow a lot in short period of time. The first 2 months was all about training and followed by months where I got to join client meetings. Now I can happily say I have my first 5 clients!
DESelect office selfie
“Interacting & sharing ideas, is really a core value for startups because that’s how innovation happens”

According to you, what makes a great CSM at DESelect?

At DESelect, you need to have the right product knowledge and you need to be communicative, since you need the ability to explain the product to numerous people, with different technical backgrounds. You also need to be compassionate and understand the clients struggles and pain points. As a CSM, we need to listen, and think how we can make their lives easier. In the end we want to have happy customers that can rely on us for a better experience. We simplify their daily lives, by enabling them to work with SalesForce Marketing Cloud more easily.

How is the Customer Success Team embracing you?

I think the team is amazing and everyone is trying to spread knowledge. We also have meetings we call ‘knowledge transfer.’ A moment where team members share what works well for them, and what techniques they use. There’s a lot of willingness to share best practices – I really appreciate that. Within the team we also gives honest feedback to each other, and you can feel that the feedback comes from a good place.
DESelect soccer team group picture

Can you describe DESelect’s culture?

There are some common traits from other startup companies that I worked for. The fun factor is always present, because you have people that are typically of a ‘younger’ generation, with a similar way of thinking. I really appreciate that in startups. Specifically at DESelect, I like that we are eating lunch together on a regular basis (weekly soup days!). In the Antwerp office, we also schedule an activity once a month, which really bonds the team. We’re in a hybrid set-up, and I personally like to work form the office, since I’m a people person. I love interacting with others & sharing ideas. I personally find that to be a core value for startups, because that’s how innovation happens. We also have darts and pingpong table at the Antwerp office, contributing to a lot of fun.
Alex in nature

Rapid fire questions for Alex!

3 words to categorize DESelect?




Go to comfort food?

Five Guys: fries, burger with bacon & cheese (must have) and a vanilla milkshake.

Favorite destination?

Pilio, Greece. When I was a child, we went there with my family a lot. You can go in wintertime and during the summer.

What do you carry with you at all times?

Headphones with noise cancellation & water bottle.

Favorite DESelect moment so far?

Tortilla slap challenge during the Christmas party.

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Help us elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale

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Meet Our Team: Digital Marketing Specialist, Carley Zoccali

Meet our marketing whiz Carley, hailing from New York. Carley came to our (Belgian) shores early in 2022, with experience as a Sales Professional in her bag, and a lengthy career as a D1 college soccer star.

Get her take on her DESelect journey →
Carley Zoccali - Demand Gen Specialist at DESelect
A year into her DESelect journey, Carley realised that marketing was her true calling, and quickly transitioned into being a valued member of our Marketing Team. Being the polyvalent talent she is, Carley tackles numerous projects at DESelect, with 1 main goal in mind…demand generation!

What does a Demand Generation Specialist do?

At DESelect, I’m working closely with the Head of Marketing. Implementing strategy, mapping out the marketing initiatives for the quarter and outlining the concrete deliverables, to achieve the team’s overall goal. Other things I do, are segmenting the audience for emails, writing the emails and scheduling them. If we have events, I need to make sure that all the logistics are taken care of, as well as making sure that leads are assigned to the sales team. Facilitating webinars and managing our sponsorships with other companies, are also part of my tasks. I also run our socials, which means, coming up with the right promotional strategy that relates back to our value proposition.


“At DESelect, you’re able to voice your opinions and make your own ideas happen.”


What makes working at DESelect different from your previous work experiences?

I originally worked at a very large company before DESelect, and it’s kind of the feeling that you’re like a small fish in a big pond. You do your job, and that’s it, there’s not a lot of room for growth. At DESelect, since we’re a smaller company, you have the chance to learn a lot and be involved in a lot of conversations. You’re able to voice your opinions and make your own ideas happen.


What projects did you realize or are you currently working on?

Right now, we’re transitioning from being known as a “marketing enablement platform” to a “marketing optimization platform.” So thinking through the whole process for that. For example, what are we going to change on the website so that this makes sense to consumers, how this affects our customers and what we will communicate to them, etc. A smaller project, was making a mini ebook. The content is very snackable, and repurposed a lot of our older content. It was sent out to a decent sized audience and we ended up getting over 30 downloads in one day, which is pretty impressive. Kudos to our designer Kyra as well!

One of the events that was very fun and challenging, was a Salesforce event in London. It was actually one of the first events where I did all the logistics for, and went there by myself as the sole marketing person. That was super challenging but I enjoyed it.

“We have a lot of people that are very knowledgeable about what
they do.”

What do you believe we’re good at as a company?

I think we have a lot of people that are very knowledgeable about what they do. For example, our Customer Success Team. Everyone on the Customer Success Team is very good at training the customers, explaining things to them and really walking them through processes. Not to mention having a lot of technical knowledge for both Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and DESelect. Our Product Team is doing bug fixes, making adjustments and listening to customer feedback. We could get a request from a customer for a new idea or feature. Then this is actually something our Product Team will work on and often implement into our platform.

What’s it like working within the marketing team?

I think the team works really well together. We are not afraid to give each other feedback, but it’s never taken in a negative light. Everyone’s always trying to help everyone out and everyone is also very good at what they specialize in. Apart from the skills, half of the marketing team is in America, so it’s nice to talk about pop culture and things from home that we all can relate to.

Favorite moment so far at DESelect?

This is because I’m a food person, but I like our lunch time. We’re not really talking about work, but taking a break during the day like people, not just coworkers.

Go to comfort food?

I love Mexican food and Chipotle (I don’t want to make anyone mad by actually calling this Mexican food because it isn’t). A bowl, a burrito and the queso that apparently is only available in America. I could eat Chipotle anytime of any day.


Favorite destination?

I really enjoyed Madrid. I went to Madrid last winter, and the people were so nice, and the food was great, and it was not extremely expensive, which is always a plus when you’re like a foodie. The landmarks and stuff are amazing as well, but for me it’s about the restaurants.

Help us elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale

Help us elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale