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Meet Our Team: Customer Success Manager, Alex Divrioti

Meet Alex, our newest member of the Customer Success Team, who left sunny Greece behind and moved to Belgium to work at DESelect.

Get her take on her DESelect journey →
DESelect employee spotlight of customer success manager Alex Divrioti
Alex has a passion for innovation, change and exponential growth. That passion makes her an amazing fit for most tech startups. She recently decided to join DESelect as a next step in her career , working from our cozy office in Antwerp. We recently sat down with Alex for an interview, to uncover more about the girl who has a huge heart for her customers.

How was your journey at DESelect so far?

I needed to relocate from Greece and I appreciate how everyone was trying to help me with things that I didn’t know. It’s an international environment and everyone is open in the office. We really have good and fun people working at this company. When comparing the onboarding process with other companies, I must say that I really enjoyed the onboarding at DESelect. There is proper documentation and different things you have to study before you get started. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning because there is a lot of information. But once you get into a rhythm, the process is quite smooth. I’ve seen myself grow a lot in short period of time. The first 2 months was all about training and followed by months where I got to join client meetings. Now I can happily say I have my first 5 clients!
DESelect office selfie
“Interacting & sharing ideas, is really a core value for startups because that’s how innovation happens”

According to you, what makes a great CSM at DESelect?

At DESelect, you need to have the right product knowledge and you need to be communicative, since you need the ability to explain the product to numerous people, with different technical backgrounds. You also need to be compassionate and understand the clients struggles and pain points. As a CSM, we need to listen, and think how we can make their lives easier. In the end we want to have happy customers that can rely on us for a better experience. We simplify their daily lives, by enabling them to work with SalesForce Marketing Cloud more easily.

How is the Customer Success Team embracing you?

I think the team is amazing and everyone is trying to spread knowledge. We also have meetings we call ‘knowledge transfer.’ A moment where team members share what works well for them, and what techniques they use. There’s a lot of willingness to share best practices – I really appreciate that. Within the team we also gives honest feedback to each other, and you can feel that the feedback comes from a good place.
DESelect soccer team group picture

Can you describe DESelect’s culture?

There are some common traits from other startup companies that I worked for. The fun factor is always present, because you have people that are typically of a ‘younger’ generation, with a similar way of thinking. I really appreciate that in startups. Specifically at DESelect, I like that we are eating lunch together on a regular basis (weekly soup days!). In the Antwerp office, we also schedule an activity once a month, which really bonds the team. We’re in a hybrid set-up, and I personally like to work form the office, since I’m a people person. I love interacting with others & sharing ideas. I personally find that to be a core value for startups, because that’s how innovation happens. We also have darts and pingpong table at the Antwerp office, contributing to a lot of fun.
Alex in nature

Rapid fire questions for Alex!

3 words to categorize DESelect?




Go to comfort food?

Five Guys: fries, burger with bacon & cheese (must have) and a vanilla milkshake.

Favorite destination?

Pilio, Greece. When I was a child, we went there with my family a lot. You can go in wintertime and during the summer.

What do you carry with you at all times?

Headphones with noise cancellation & water bottle.

Favorite DESelect moment so far?

Tortilla slap challenge during the Christmas party.

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