DESelect June Release ’19: Data extension combining

DESelect June Release ’19: Data extension combining

Available for: DESelect Enable, DESelect Plus, DESelect Advanced

 At DESelect, our top priority is to ensure that targeting and segmenting right is an easy and fast process. As a result, we regularly upgrade our application (available for Salesforce Marketing Cloud) making targeting and segmentation for your campaigns as efficient as possible.

Recently, we have released a new feature called “Data Extension Combining”. Users can now indicate across multiple Data Extensions (example: event subscriptions) what field they share (example: email address) and combine these into a single new Data Extension that adds up all the rows (example: a complete list of all email addresses that ever subscribed for our events). Technical readers may recognize this as a UNION statement in SQL.

Precise functionality includes:

  • Select as many source Data Extensions as you want, with similar data (like contact data)
  • Maintain an overview of these source Data Extensions through tabs which can be renamed
  • Filter each source Data Extension based on your needs
  • Join or exclude data from each source Data Extension based on your needs
  • Map the columns of your source Data Extensions into a single target Data Extension
  • Decide if you want to remove duplicates (default) or not
  • Run a preview to check results as usual

Here you can see how selecting multiple source Data Extensions look like as tabs on the Selection Criteria page:

For questions, feel free to contact us.

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Reach the most targeted
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