Report: 14 Data + AI challenges collected from leaders in MarTech

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How do you make sense of it all? At DESelect, we love to talk to customers and leaders in the industry to understand user needs. CEO and co-founder Anthony Lamot set out together with CTO and co-founder, Jonathan van Driessen to interview leaders and experts in Marketing Operations and Marketing Automation across the US and Europe. Our main goal was to uncover challenges related to data and AI, but many other challenges presented themselves as we went along. 

Executive Summary

This research paper delves into the evolving landscape of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends within the realm of marketing, with a focus on illuminating the latest advancements and challenges faced by industry practitioners. Embedded within this exploration is an examination of DESelect, a prominent company at the forefront of leveraging data and automation technologies to optimize marketing strategies.

As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making and automation, understanding the current trends and emerging innovations in Data and AI becomes imperative for staying competitive in the dynamic marketing landscape. Through a meticulous analysis of industry reports, case studies, and expert insights, this paper provides a comprehensive overview of the key trends shaping the intersection of Data and AI in marketing. The main points identified in this research exercise were:

  • Without proper training, adapting many different technologies and software can hinder productivity. There is an important learning curve period that must be considered before expecting positive results from new approaches.
  • It is key to strike a balance between collaboration and autonomy. Communication between different departments can render great outcomes, however it is crucial to keep in mind how it might prolong the timeline of a project.
  • Thorough internal documentation is one of the most important practices for quickly evolving enterprises. The adoption period of new technologies, as well as changes in management and personnel, can be minimized with the use of informative and comprehensive records.
    The insights extrapolated from the interviews’ findings can be utilized as a guiding light to navigate such pressing issues in the rapidly evolving current market.
  • A lack of integrated systems and complex data models
  • Effective data management and dependence on others
  • Data utilization and personalization
  • Complexity in systems and processes