Case Study: Bonobos


Bonobos Success Story

Efficient Personalization for In-Store and Online Retail


Extensive, Complex Customer Database

Lacking the personnel to handle an overwhelming amount of data, the team at Bonobos struggled to meet the unique marketing needs of each of their customers. Having "products that fit perfectly" as their main selling point, Bonobos felt that their marketing operations needed to align with that promise. This meant manually segmenting their vast audiences through SQL, which cost the company precious time. 

Today, DESelect Segment streamlines all segmentation, eliminating the need for advanced coding knowledge and allowing the team to focus on what matters most: making sure customers find the "best-fitting pants they've ever worn."


  • Create audience segments based on purchase behavior and email engagement
  • Identify and differentiate the most important customers (MVPs vs loyalists)
  • Efficiently inform corporate and in-store stakeholders on new ways to engage with customers

Results: Tailor-Made Marketing Personalization

  • Personalizing each customer interaction with informative and relevant messaging has improved foot traffic in stores
  • Visualizing data extensions facilitates quick decision making
  • Improved user-adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with an intuitive platform that makes audience segmentation easy for all members of the team, even those who don't know SQL

It’s surprising how much time it has saved me. Instead of creating new and multiple automations in Automation Studio, which is really time-consuming, I can create an audience segment that I use regularly and schedule them to run every day in DESelect.

Junior GalvezCRM and Email Marketing Manager


How Bonobos uses DESelect Segment

  1. Automatically creating data extensions of new leads to include them in email marketing efforts
  2. Updating audiences every day to ensure that they're capturing the most up-to-date users
  3. Using behavioral data to identify new opportunities for engagement with existing audiences
  4. Recognizing crucial insights to inform the Creative department on fresh ways to interact with customers
  5. Keeping track of customer behavior, including customers who are about to churn so that they can be retargeted


Why Bonobos Loves DESelect Segment

  • Customer relationships
    “DESelect has helped our teams create brand loyalty and personalization. We heavily rely on it for big sale moments.”
  • Simplicity
    “If you are new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, DESelect will help you understand it. it’s super straightforward, easy to use, and intuitive. It allows us to easily pull customer data.”
  • Efficiency
    "SQL queries can be very long, so it is very time consuming to put together all that code. Without DESelect, this process would be very challenging. It has saved us so much time."

Q&A with Junior Galvez from Bonobos

  • What value does DESelect bring to your organization?

    "It has been extremely helpful for both our physical locations and online. I pull specific customer criteria from our internal reporting tool and generate it into a data extension to query off of in DESelect. Then, I provide those lists to our teams so that they can inform each customer about an upcoming sale or offer in a straightforward manner. We use this strategy any time we're about to have a big product launch."

  • What was one win your team had with DESelect you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

    "DESelect allowed me to create an RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) model to map out our customers’ engagement. I wanted to understand who are the highest spending customers and who has shopped with us recently to organize them by AOV (average order value). This is how I determined that some stores were struggling to bring back one-time customers for a second purchase. I am not so sure we would've been able to reactivate those customers without DESelect."

  • What has exceeded your expectations since the partnership began?

    "The support that DESelect offers is great. Currently, our team is very small, so I have to wear other hats in the organization. Not only has the tool been helpful for me, but I also feel very supported by my CSM. I appreciate the hands-on guidance I have received through every use case I've had. I value my partnership with DESelect very much."

  • What was the alternative if you didn’t choose DESelect?

    "I really don't know what other option we would've had. We use data extensions every day, so without this tool, we would probably have to spend the resources to bring in an external consultant, or take the time to request support from Salesforce themselves."

  • How has DESelect helped you professionally?

    “I love that you can save the templates of past selections, because most of them I tend to just pull the same setup.It has been super helpful to schedule and automate selections with any frequency I want, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. On a personal level, it has inspired me to learn SQL on my own."

  • Why has DESelect inspired you to learn SQL?

    "It’s really interesting to see the logic behind the queries run by DESelect. I can look at it, and the next time I need a similar list I can execute it much faster. Learning SQL has also made me appreciate DESelect a lot more – I can now see all the processes that happen behind the scenes that are facilitated by the platform."

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time