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How Capgemini helps their customers streamline segmentation in Marketing Cloud


What Capgemini needs for their customers

Many organizations come to Capgemini seeking their expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem. For the customers with Marketing Cloud, many find the platform to be a challenging and overly technical platform without the right approach. Often times their customers invest a significant amount into Marketing Cloud and discover they don’t have the right skills or staff to properly support it – especially when it comes to SQL.


  • Give power back to their customers' marketing teams to run SFMC without learning SQL
  • Provide a solution to customers that is simple, quick to implement, and easy to learn
  • Ensure fast time to value to enable their customers to rapidly get campaigns out the door


  • Avg. 40% increase in efficiency in Marketing Cloud with marketers (customers) repurposing time otherwise lost writing SQL.
  • DESelect’s product is accessible and simple to learn for any marketer, regardless of previous experience or skill level
  • Rapid iteration cycles. Capgemini’s customers can build segments quickly, check the quality, and easily revise as needed.

My team believes in the product. We wouldn't partner with someone if we didn't believe in the value they brought our customers. One of our values is trust and honesty. We will only say what we think is right to customers.
So it is quite an easy decision to recommend DESelect.

Corrina JacobsUK Head, Salesforce Marketing Cloud @ Capgemini


How Capgemini deploys DESelect for customers

  1. Consultant team is DESelect certified, providing client coaching to maximize SFMC
  2. Coaching customers to automate segmentation & reduce data management time
  3. Advising customers how to optimize ROI of time savings
  4. Helping new marketers quickly ramp up and get value from SFMC & DESelect


Why Capgemini partnered with DESelect

  • Product Continually Improves
    “The product has not just been built and left alone, you are continuing to develop it. You listen to customers, and make changes based on the feedback from customers.”
  • Valuable Time Savings
    “To a marketer, time is of the essence. So DESelect gives them time back to ensure other deliverables get done, but also quickly gets quality campaigns out the door."
  • DESelect Seeks Feedback
    You guys want to know what our feedback is. What do we think about the product? What are we missing? What could we change? What could we make easier and simpler? We like working with a partner that listens to us.”

Q&A with Corrina Jacobs from Capgemini

  • What customer impact have you seen since partnering with DESelect?

    The speed of being able to use the product, and getting the results, is the best thing about DESelect. Anyone in my team can use it no matter what level of technical skill they have.

  • What has surprised you the most about DESelect?

    The most impressive thing about DESelect is its speed. Our teams are able to quickly build data extensions and create audiences to get campaigns out the door quickly.

  • What new efficiencies have you seen your customers benefit from with DESelect?

    I would say probably 40% of their time is saved compared to writing SQL. From beginning to end – thinking about the segmentation, the types of people they want, and the tables that they had from manipulating data extensions, then doing the SQL, looking at the results, troubleshooting, and doing it again to get the correct results.

    With DESelect almost half of that process is automated.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time