Case Study: Maczfit


Maczfit + Cloudity Success Story

Maximizing the Impact of Salesforce Consulting


Time-Consuming SQL Processes

Like many large brands, Maczfit utilizes the services of a consultant for much of its marketing operations’ needs. This consultant, Cloudity, creates targeted audience segments for Maczfit, requiring a deep understanding of the database.

Once reliant upon Query Activity in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, users found the segmentation process lengthy and draining resources from other projects. To mitigate this, the teams decided to go with DESelect Segment.


  • Remove overreliance on SQL
  • Activate CRM data to maximum effect


  • Segments created 50% faster: Pushing campaigns live quicker and on time
  • Increased data literacy: Users better understand relationships between data and how SQL impacts audience creation
  • Deduplication efforts prevent potential GDPR challenges
  • Even users with SQL knowledge benefit: Time savings free up time to create more paths in Journey Builder and finetune email templates

By using DESelect I understand the database of Maczfit in a better way, because it gives me the data I have to use, and I simply have to put the pieces together.

Maciej KucharczykMarketing Cloud Consultant at Cloudity


How Maczfit uses DESelect Segment

  1. Create segments for Journey Builder using date-based triggers
  2. Join data extensions with filters in Target Data Extension phase
  3. Use DESelect in conjunction with Automation Studio at different stages
  4. Refresh data extensions on a daily basis
  5. Deduplicate data, then further segment to create more relevant audiences
  6. Replace Contact Builder processes
Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time