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Motorpoint Success Story

Achieving Executive Vision: Using Precision
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Removing IT Dependency to Empower Marketing

Currently undergoing a digital and data transformation, Motorpoint was looking to scale up its eCRM output without growing headcount. Having been heavily reliant on IT resources when implementing email marketing strategy in the past, Motorpoint needed to find a way for the team to self-serve, when building out new customer journeys and segmenting audiences.


  • Remove the business' overreliance on SQL
  • Activate CRM data to maximum effect
  • Integrate seamlessly with Marketing Cloud


  • Campaigns have seen a major uptick in click through rates, strengthening overall results of the marketing team
  • Streamlined segmentation processes to expedite campaign creation and boost the volume of email marketing campaigns sent
  • Enhanced campaign optimization to align with customer's position in their purchasing journey
  • Refined categorization to enhance relevance by considering customers' geographical location and preferences

By reducing the team’s reliance on IT resources to build out audience segments, DESelect has really given us a level of autonomy and freedom that didn’t exist before.

It’s removed so many blockers for us that it’s really revolutionized how we work and the speed at which we can deliver results. We’ve been using DESelect for the last nine months and the scope of work we’ve been able to deliver in that time would have been unthinkable 12 months ago.

Lorreine ChittendenHead of eCRM at Motorpoint


How Motorpoint uses DESelect Segment

  1. Audience and segment development for retargeting and personalization
  2. Data interrogation for in-depth insights
  3. Effective pipeline and funnel management via contact classification
  4. Enriching customer profiles
  5. List hygiene and data management


Why Motorpoint Loves DESelect

  • Supports tactical sends
    “DESelect has allowed us to easily build out market segments at speed. This is particularly useful when it comes to building out tactical sends based on what we are seeing in the market. The ease at which we can create a funnel pipeline to assign and attribute contacts gives us so much more freedom to be reactive and test localized or audience-specific sends.”
  • Convenient and insightful reporting
    “Whether looking to report on the success of a specific email or a campaign more broadly, DESelect makes it simple to pull any data and insights you need. Having all this information stored centrally has proven to be efficient and means that we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time spent collating data manually.”
  • Reduces admin
    “As a relatively small team, the deduplication feature has really helped free up resources and reduce the amount of time being spent manually validating unique contacts. Not only does DESelect do this with a click of a button, but seamless integration with Marketing Cloud means our audience are always up to date for when we need them.”

Q&A with Lorreine Chittenden from Motorpoint

  • How have you found the Customer Success team from DESelect to be? How helpful are they answering your questions and getting your team up and running?

    Since we first started working with DESelect, the Customer Success team have been brilliant. They’ve answered any question we’ve put to them and really do feel like an extension of the team, often working out solutions to challenges with us on calls.

  • How do you envision using DESelect Segment in the long term?

    We’re currently really focused on how we can take our segmentation to the next level and continue to drive results for the business.

    With DESelect fitting so seamlessly into our eCRM team, we view it as a long-term partner and will continue to use DESelect Segmentation to support us in building out audiences, reporting on campaigns and helping ensure precision in our targeting.

  • How would you justify DESelect from a budget standpoint?

    Demonstrating a return on investment is easy when DESelect has positively impacted how well our campaigns convert. A team our size wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality or volume of sends we do without access to a tool like DESelect.

    From a budgeting standpoint, DESelect not only helps us be more efficient in building and executing campaigns but also reduces the reliance on IT resources which provides an additional saving to the business.

  • So if you had to choose one, what would be your favorite feature of DESelect Segment? And how's that made you and your teammates’ lives easier?

    Although it isn’t a feature, I think one of the standout things about DESelect is how user friendly it is. From drag and drop functionality to a clear interface, you don’t need to have a technical background to be able to get up and running with the tool quickly.

  • What has exceeded your expectations since the partnership began?

    I think the biggest thing that’s exceeded our expectations is just how quickly we were able to integrate DESelect into our workflows. So many tools claim to be ‘plug and play’ but in the case of DESelect it really was – we didn’t need to schedule loads of training, it’s just an intuitive tool we’ve been able to use since day one.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time