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Financial Services

Scalable Capital Success Story

DESelect Segment Powers Fast, Reliable Campaigns for Financial Services


Complex, Blind Marketing Ops

Getting the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud requires extensive technical knowledge. Without a dedicated SQL expert on staff, the team at Scalable Capital was forced to “do what they could” to “work it out.”

This meant a lot of trial and error, manual query updates, and back and forth with the data team – adding to the time required to launch new campaigns. Worst of all, even after all that manual entry, there wasn’t a way to be 100% certain of accurate results.

Today, DESelect Segment removes that guesswork and blockage, ensuring accurate, on-time campaigns.


  • Replace query writing (SQL) with intuitive drag-and-drop segmentation
  • Enable everyone on the team to quickly set up target audiences
  • Clean up the data within key segments

Results: Faster, Comprehensive Audience Creation

  • An automated segmentation process removes the need to manually rebuild audiences for each send
  • Marketers are able to personalize messaging without relying on Excel spreadsheets
  • Marketers without coding experience have total control of audience segment creation

We wanted to eliminate this back and forth when it came to writing queries. We don’t have to rely on other teams anymore, and can easily set it up ourselves."

Sabrina JauckSenior CRM Manager


How Scalable Capital uses DESelect

  1. Easily deploy master data extensions, combining with daily updates and exclusions, which are ready for sends that same day
  2. Use of waterfall segmentation reduces the time required to create multiple connected data extensions
  3. Quickly match subscriber IDs with email addresses for much faster data joins
  4. Creating and managing customer journeys with precise segmentation
  5. Moving current SQL-based journeys to a process that’s easier to understand for easier flexibility


Why Scalable Capital loves DESelect Segment

  • Accurate data management
    “It’s great to see our target groups get updated every morning and be ready to send.”
  • Ease of use
    “With the interface of DESelect, it’s much easier to see what you’re dragging into the data extension and how you’re filtering. It’s not a different language that you have to learn.”
  • Quick adoption
    “It was mind blowing to see how easy DESelect was to work with and create target groups. It even tells you when a comma is missing in your query!”

Q&A with Sabrina Jauck from Scalable Capital

  • What value does DESelect bring to an organization?

    It’s integral to anyone using Marketing Cloud. It makes things so much easier than working with SQL. DESelect is the best solution I’ve seen to solve this and enables everyone on the team to become a data expert.

  • What was one win your team had with DESelect you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

    We built an audience catalog – we cleaned up the data, automated all the segments and exclusions, had the waterfall segmentations lined up, and had the peace of mind that it was all going to work on its own.

  • What has exceeded your expectations since the partnership began?

    The whole setup is so much easier. We basically don’t need to take care of anything. As soon as the mail is ready, we can send it out to a specific group without having to rebuild the segment.

  • What was the alternative if you didn’t choose DESelect?

    There was no Plan B. We would have had to spend time and resources for our own team to learn SQL.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time