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Customer Success Story

How SHARE NOW eliminated marketing bottlenecks and created powerful customer experiences with DESelect.


What SHARE NOW needed DESelect Segment to help solve

SHARE NOW is a tech company and the European market leader and pioneer of free-floating car sharing. As the organization grew quickly, so did the demand on their Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup. Most of their marketers depended on a technical team to write SQL queries for customer segmentation, managing data, and complex communications in SFMC. As the volume of technical ticket requests continued increasing, this created marketing more bottlenecks for the team and restricted capacity.


  • Enable marketers and CRM managers to complete projects without technical dependencies
  • Leverage more data for tailored-customer experiences to make customers choose SHARE NOW
  • Give the marketers the ability to utilize and combine data from multiple sources without code


  • More active customers. DESelect provides the ability to add & combine data from multiple sources to enrich campaigns.
  • No more bottlenecks. Marketers can complete all projects in SFMC without writing SQL code or reliance on technical teams.
  • Better customer experience. DESelect helps marketers use data for hyper personalization to create impactful moments.

DESelect allows us to understand and segment our customers better to communicate in relevant moments with them.

This raises loyalty and retention is overall what we are working towards. The customer always comes back to the brand and service with the best experience.

Katharina NiemannTeam Lead Customer Lifecycle Management


How SHARE NOW uses DESelect Segment

  1. Creating new Data Extensions by merging data from multiple sources without writing SQL code.
  2. Marketers use DESelect’s templates feature based on best practices and common use cases to save time for other team members and create operational efficiencies.
  3. Using the filters and custom values features to send personalized messages based on user behavior.
  4. Leveraging DESelect Segment’s drag-and-drop features to increase marketing team bandwidth by allowing all marketers (whether technical or not) to complete any project in Marketing Cloud.


Why SHARE NOW chose DESelect

  • Marketing Efficiency
    “ DESelect Segment is a more efficient way to get more things done, and out on the street, in a shorter amount of time. That’s why we chose you in the first place! ”
  • Easy to use
    “ In general a lot more people on the team are enabled to work with Marketing Cloud now. We can act quicker on certain needs and basically be more sophisticated with our data. ”
  • Drives team alignment
    “ DESelect is a good investment and it really helps in the long run to enable everyone to align with other processes. It makes the work much smoother for the team so they aren’t roadblocked. ”

Q&A with Katharina Niemann from SHARE NOW

  • How much time would you estimate your team has saved because of DESelect?

    For example to create a new Data Extension based on SQL, you are now able to do this within minutes. Beforehand, if you needed to involve other stakeholders, of course this took way longer to kick off the whole process, have time with them, write a ticket, and so on.

  • What was your team’s biggest hindrance before using DESelect Segment?

    With less developer resources than marketeer resources on the team naturally more requests piled up on the tech desk making it difficult to prioritize between smaller adjustments and larger projects. By implementing DESelect both tech and marketing staff were able to focus on their core strengths again. And that’s why DESelect led basically to a win-win situation.

  • How does your team primarily use DESelect Segment on a regular basis?

    We have several data streams that are connected to SFMC - some are coming in on a daily basis, others are real-time. DESelect helps us to connect the dots and knit the data together in new Data Extensions that are usable for sending out communication. For example: Our voucher codes are generated in one tool and then linked to the core customer data which is very convenient. Recently we also started working on building more tailored data. There you helped us quite a bit – For example understanding what a customer's favorite car brand is, or if they ever use that car brand.

  • What has exceeded your expectations since working with DESelect?

    Working with you was always like very supportive and very engaged. DESelect’s team approached us proactively and supported hands-on. So I think this is not something valuable that you don’t always have with a partner. For example we receive great training, have the quarterly check-ins for success, and also new features are shown to us, so that's really supportive.You helped us hands on with setup, assisted with technical things and informed us of everything possible in the software. So that was very positive to have a high level of communication and cooperation I would say.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time