Case Study: Tamedia



Giving the Power of SQL to All Marketers in SFMC


Creative Marketer Suddenly in a Technical World

Beginning in a more creative marketing role, Laura Scheidegger, the now Product Owner of SFMC at Tamedia, abruptly had to take on responsibility for audience creation when her colleague went on maternity leave – despite having no knowledge of SQL.

While she didn’t need to learn DESelect Segment during implementation months earlier, Laura soon found it easy to learn and perform her new job functions better through DESelect’s comprehensive but intuitive design.

It was a fast transition, either sink or swim, but DESelect's comprehensive-yet-intuitive design helped her understand the data model and how different attributes are connected. Even as a creative marketer with little technical experience, it took her less than one month to learn how to use DESelect for any operation.


  • Non-technical marketer became proficient audience creator in less than a month
  • Creation of audiences for Journey Builder without the use of SQL
  • Discovery of missing fields and data in company database
  • Agency that had previously handled most segmentation needs now uses DESelect too

I didn't really understand SQL in the beginning, and DESelect helped me understand how to create complex audiences. I didn't need to know any syntax, orders, or anything like that, I just needed to understand the logic.

Laura ScheideggerProduct Owner, Salesforce Marketing Cloud


How Tamedia uses DESelect

  1. Create Audiences, fix bugs, and manage data independently.
  2. Collaborate on Customer Journeys with other departments.
  3. Utilize data views and subscriber behavior to create new audiences.
  4. Double-check audience accuracy with Preview function.


How DESelect Segment Makes an Impact

  • Unburdened Campaign Creation
    “Speed is the top benefit, but it’s impossible to make mistakes with DESelect. It prevents any errors since it does everything itself.”
  • Time savings and precise audience targeting
    “If I want to get complicated things done quickly, I tend to use DESelect. Whether I want to work on something new or something already existing in Automation Studio, I can use DESelect.”
  • Enabled thorough understanding of data model
    "Because we have such an extensive data model, I cannot know by heart the value in each field. Therefore, DESelect acts as a library – I can look up any data and create patterns, and from that establish an audience."

Q&A with Laura Scheidegger from Tamedia

  • How would you explain the impact of DESelect to your boss?

    DESelect has allowed me to perform my function. It's as simple as that.

    It is a very user-friendly tool – you can easily create a target data extension within the tool, then quickly preview that data extension without having to switch tabs. And the usability is great.

  • How has DESelect impacted your career?

    There is a huge split between the traditional marketer they teach you about in school and the marketer you need to be today. You need digital and programming skills, which I’ve had to learn during my career.

    With DESelect, I don't need to outsource data selection anymore. For most queries I don't need external help – I can do it all by myself. That’s a big improvement from where I was before.


  • What would you tell someone to convince them to use DESelect?

    I would recommend it without hesitation. They quickly react to customer needs. If I don't understand how something works in DESelect, their Customer Support team's reaction time is quite fast.

  • What do you tell people DESelect is?

    I tell people it’s a segment tool that lives inside a Marketing Cloud and takes SQL building out of your hands. You don't have to be a developer to use it, and it allows you to do things that people with SQL could do with simple drag and drop.

  • How do you use DESelect to go beyond simple segmentation?

    It is an investigation tool for me as well. It's not just to create real audiences that I use later, it also allows me to check if everything is right with my audience before I send out any communications.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time