Case Study: The Brain Tumour Charity


The Brain Tumour Charity Success Story

Prioritizing campaigns to create an optimal
customer experience


Why The Brain Tumour Charity Values Frequency Capping

The Brain Tumour Charity sits at the heart of a diverse community, serving donors small and large, corporate sponsors, researchers, and of course those who live with or have had brain tumors, along with their loved ones.

The marketing team works to ensure a fantastic customer experience, but creating an optimal contact strategy often presented a problem, as the team's manual process provided poor visibility into how the frequency of sends affected individual contact saturation.


  • Prioritize more crucial communications so that the right message reaches the right subscriber at the right time
  • Gain insight into how different strategies affect the customer experience
  • Optimize donations without inducing marketing fatigue


  • Considerable time savings compared to the old, clunky, piecemeal contact strategy
  • Insight into how new & expanded campaign strategies impact customer journeys
  • Optimized donations to further the charity’s cause
Sometimes you think something like this is so far away from what we’re ultimately trying to do, but it’s not. It’s right in the middle of it all.
Because if we engage with our customers in the right way, chances are we will optimize donations, and by doing that, we will be able to put more money into supporting those with a brain tumor and their families, but also (and really importantly) putting money into research – and that’s where we’re going to find the cure!

Gina AlmondDirector of Fundraising, Marketing and Customer Experience


How The Brain Tumour Charity uses DESelect

  1. Monitor saturation by individual contact, ensuring a personalized cadence
  2. Predefined rules monitor the “always on” campaigns and journeys, ensuring subscribers are only sent the right amount of communications within a certain time frame
  3. Intuitive calendar view used to find optimal times for ad hoc sends
  4. Manage customer experiences through the ability to prioritize campaigns against each other


Why a nonprofit like The Brain Tumour Charity chose DESelect Engage

  • Scalable & super fast
    With the success the marketing team has found so quickly, there are plans to expand Engage throughout the entire charity, minimizing cross-departmental friction across teams such as events and volunteer management.
  • Combine contact strategy with personalized audiences
    Marketers often take the audiences they create with Segment, place them into Journey Builder, and use Engage to set send delays based on their custom rules.
  • Quick setup
    After a 30-minute setup, Engage was ready to handle frequency capping across all campaigns and sends for the team

DESelect Segment + Engage

As users of both DESelect Segment and DESelect Engage, the team optimizes campaign production and ensures the best possible subscriber experiences.

1. Segment: Audiences are easily created with drag-and-drop segmentation features
Learn more
2. Created audiences get placed in Journey Builder
Learn more
3. Engage: Based on predefined prioritization and rules, minor sends are delayed for a desired amount of time
Learn more about Engage
4. Subscribers receive highly relevant messages yet do not get fatigued from over-saturation
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Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time