WEBINAR: Deep-Dive Metrics to Inform High-ROI Email Campaigns


Deep-Dive Metrics to Inform High-ROI Email Campaigns

Webinar calendar01 June 1, 2023 11:00 am CDT

Can’t find out where your email campaigns go wrong?

Too often marketing advice centers around basic reporting such as opens, clicks, etc., which only scratches the surface. So how do you find the real metrics that show where to make changes?

Join DESelect marketing experts Thursday, June 1 at 11am CT/6pm CET for an in-depth look at how marketers can take a deeper dive into their current Marketing Cloud data – without the need for new software.

Learn how to act on the following information:

  • Too many unsubscribes are affecting email deliverability and brand reputation
  • Subscribers take too long to act on our messages
  • How to identify your best/worst subscribers, and how to maximize CLV for each
  • Properly saturate subscribers, so that none feel overwhelmed but are primed to convert
  • Meet the experts:

  • Product Marketing Manager Garrett Menichini, an email marketing veteran with over a decade of experience
  • Manager of Customer Success Eduardo Ruiz de Pascual, a former Senior Consultant of all things marketing ops at Deloitte
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    • Garrett Menichini
      Product Marketing Manager
    • Eduardo Ruiz de Pascual
      Manager of Customer Success
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