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WEBINAR: Deep-Dive Metrics to Inform High-ROI Email Campaigns
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end marketing fatigue with deselect engage watch now

WEBINAR: End Marketing Fatigue with DESelect Engage

Seeing too many unsubscribes? Marketers often have little visibility into how many messages they send to subscribers across dozens of campaigns. Learn how you can properly control saturation on an individual level, intelligently prioritize communications, and optimize campaigns across teams with DESelect Engage. DESelect Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan van Driessen sat down with Garrett Menichini to […]
Audience Builder is Being Retired: What Next?

WEBINAR: Audience Builder is Being Retired – What Next?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Audience Builder platform is on its way out, how do you position your team so you aren’t left scrambling last minute? Learn from experts from DESelect and Salesforce Ben as they discussed how marketing teams can best prepare for the Audience Builder sunset and position for best long-term success. Topics covered: What […]
DESelect x optilyz: optimizing direct mail impact

Right Person, Right Message, Right Channel: Strategies to Optimize Direct Mail Impact

70% of consumers find direct mail more personal than online interactions, so understanding this channel remains critical. Learn how you can personalize messages to audiences primed for direct mail engagement and maximize the ROI of each campaign. Join experts from DESelect and optilyz as they explore how marketers can best execute personalized direct mail campaigns. […]
Amp Up Your SFMC Data

Webinar: Amp Up Your SFMC Data with DESelect Segment

Join us on Wednesday, February 15th at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST for our interactive demo webinar and learn how to streamline your marketing processes with DESelect Segment. Not only will you gain valuable insights on efficiently leveraging your SFMC data to drive successful marketing campaigns, but as a bonus for joining, you’ll receive Beats […]
Marketing personalization in 2023 webinar speakers

Webinar: 2023 State of Marketing Personalization

Top Priorities and Trends Heading Into an Unpredictable 2023 Marketers continue to rely on personalization to drive audience engagement, customer acquisition, and total lifetime value. Learn how your industry peers optimize the boundless data they collect to ensure conversions. Join DESelect CEO Anthony Lamot, Product Marketing Manager Garrett Menichini, Boozt’s Marketing Cloud Lead Evgeniy Kulevnich, […]
How to Drive Efficient ROI in Marketing Cloud During a Downturn

Webinar: How to Drive Efficient ROI in Marketing Cloud During an Downturn

Join our Product Marketing Manager Garrett Menichini in this webinar to learn how to maximize the potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Curious how you can do so without writing any SQL code, or relying on technical resources? Watch now to see examples of how other marketers have been successful in creating advanced audience segments […]
how to streamline your segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Webinar: How to improve your segmentation with DESelect Segment

Join us on 18 of October at 4 PM CET/ 9 AM CST to hear Garrett Menichini and Quint Wapenaar discuss how DESelect Segment helps with segmentation in SFMC. You’ll learn: Topics covered: How to drive results with audience segmentation Learn how to make the most of Marketing Cloud without any technical dependencies or ever […]
How to streamline your segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with DESelect Segment

Webinar: How to streamline your segmentation with DESelect Segment

Learn how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its full potential without writing a single line of SQL code. Discover how both technical and non technical marketers can drive higher ROI through advanced audience segmentation. Hear how other marketers have been successful getting the most out of Marketing Cloud and effectively engaging their customers. Topics […]
Anthony Lamot Ceo, co-founder of DESelect is hosting a webinar

Send the Right Message: World-Class Audience Segmentation Strategies

Discover the best practices that world-class marketing teams leverage to send the right message and increase conversion. We’ll discuss how to prepare your team for the future of audience segmentation and the tech stack needed. Topics covered: Different segmentation strategies Learn the winning segmentation strategies for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tech stack to ace in personalization […]

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