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Time-Smart Marketing: Import Journey & Automate Retries with Engage
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A+ Marketing Cloud Strategies for HigherEd Success

A+ Marketing Cloud Strategies for HigherEd Success: A Fireside Chat with Cornell University and The University of Maryland Global Campus

Ever wondered how top-tier educational institutions are revolutionizing their marketing game? Join us to discover the secrets with our panel of experts from Cornell University and The University of Maryland Global Campus. Tune in on Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 12 pm CST / 7 pm CET as we explore the most effective strategies tailored […]
Webinar: State of Marketing Optimization: Top Trends to Get the Most Out of Your Personalization and AI in 2024

State of Marketing Optimization: Top Trends to Get the Most Out of Your Personalization and AI in 2024

The new year brings new strategies for marketers across the globe, so how will trends concerning personalization and rapidly advancing martech affect your team in 2024? Join our panel of experts and industry veterans on Wednesday January 31, 2024 at 11 am CST / 6 pm CET as they explore how marketers are already creating […]

Ignite Tomorrow’s Triumphs Today: DESelect’s Fireside Chat on Concrete 2024 Marketing Planning Strategies

The end of the year means it’s time to plan 2024’s marketing strategy. Resources on campaign planning aren’t hard to come by, but how do you find information that isn’t generic or irrelevant? DESelect will host a panel of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts to discuss concrete marketing plans that strengthen your bottom line. Join us […]
SFMC Made Simple: Navigating the Platform for Non-Technical Users

SFMC Made Simple: Navigating the Platform for Non-Technical Users

New to Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Overwhelmed with everything you see? Or perhaps you have inexperienced team members struggling to adapt and want resources for how to help them? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to get up and running, whether you’re a veteran of other marketing automation platforms […]
consumer marketing expectations webinar

Fresh Insights on Consumer Marketing Expectations and Applying Them in SFMC

Brands have numerous omnichannel campaigns across multiple teams, with many targeting the same audiences. Have you ever given thought to how so many messages impact the customer experience? DESelect recently surveyed consumers and found a major gap between how consumers wish to interact with brands and how marketers actually engage them. To sum up the […]
Enhancing Customer Engagement

Segmentation Unleashed: Enhancing Customer Engagement in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In this webinar, our expert speakers will demystify segmentation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, sharing best practices and proven strategies, complete with tips and tricks to streamline the process. With a focus on practical examples, participants will gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge segmentation techniques that enhance customer engagement and learn how to apply them effectively […]
deep-dive metrics to inform high-roi email campaigns

WEBINAR: Deep-Dive Metrics to Inform High-ROI Email Campaigns

Can’t find out where your email campaigns go wrong? Too often marketing advice centers around basic reporting such as opens, clicks, etc., which only scratches the surface. So how do you find the real metrics that show where to make changes? Join DESelect marketing experts Thursday, June 1 at 11am CT/6pm CET for an in-depth […]
end marketing fatigue with deselect engage watch now

WEBINAR: End Marketing Fatigue with DESelect Engage

Seeing too many unsubscribes? Marketers often have little visibility into how many messages they send to subscribers across dozens of campaigns. Learn how you can properly control saturation on an individual level, intelligently prioritize communications, and optimize campaigns across teams with DESelect Engage. DESelect Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan van Driessen sat down with Garrett Menichini […]
Audience Builder is Being Retired: What Next?

WEBINAR: Audience Builder is Being Retired – What Next?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Audience Builder platform is on its way out, how do you position your team so you aren’t left scrambling last minute? Learn from experts from DESelect and Salesforce Ben as they discussed how marketing teams can best prepare for the Audience Builder sunset and position for best long-term success. Topics covered: What […]

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