DESelect: The Marketing Optimization Platform for Salesforce

DESelect: The Marketing Optimization Platform for Salesforce

During my years as a consultant for a large automobile distributor, a grave problem in the marketing field became apparent to me. Almost every marketer that I had worked with expressed the same feeling about Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Although a powerful Marketing Automation Platform, it required a significant amount of technical expertise.

In order to use the platform to its full potential, marketers would need to engage in SQL writing (an intimidating process for many). I noticed that there was a need to simplify the audience segmentation and marketing optimization processes for Salesforce automation, and from that realization, DESelect was born.

Alongside Jonathan, my longtime friend and now DESelect’s Chief Technology Officer, we set out to create a company that would become the definitive segmentation solution for SFMC. Grounded in a bottom-up approach and easy UX, DESelect Segment (an intuitive drag-and-drop tool seamlessly integrated into Marketing Cloud) quickly became our flagship product.

As the company grew, so did our ambitions. In a pivotal moment in our history, we noticed that many competitors struggled to differentiate themselves from the thousands of vendors in the SaaS market, and therefore our sights were set on growing beyond a point solution and into a full-blown platform.

That objective was intrinsically aligned with our mission statement: “to elevate engagement through human intelligence at scale.” It is our ultimate goal to equip marketing leaders with powerful, intuitive tools so that they can offer enhanced customer experiences, all while acknowledging the complexities and inefficiencies inherent to market automation.

DESelect is an ever-evolving company. After a couple of years, we recognized a second need from our clients – to facilitate and optimize marketing message automation. Many of our clients had lost oversight of their marketing campaigns and fell out of touch with their customers, neglecting relationships that were so hardly earned. Seeking to solve that problem, we developed DESelect Engage, which tackles issues such as saturation control and message personalization.

There’s a third (free) solution – DESelect Search! Instantly find any record in your Marketing Cloud instance.

In congruence with DESelect’s growth was the rise of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). While promising and useful in specific instances, CDPs come with many difficulties. Many problems stem from their use of prescriptive data models and high-level use, which can become an inconvenience for the intricate needs of teams. On the other hand, data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery also possess shortcomings, particularly in real-time personalization and data cleaning. DESelect’s platform sits at the level of execution, giving marketing teams the flexibility and granular control to maximize the impact of each tactical campaign.

The crux? The layer of execution. There exists the layer housing your company’s data and the layer where real action transpires. This is where most marketing operations personnel operate. And it’s precisely here that DESelect wishes to make its mark.

From that insight, we at DESelect have recently repositioned ourselves as a Marketing Optimization Platform for Salesforce. Our solutions provide marketers with the tools to declutter, optimize, and refine the intricacies of marketing automation with simplicity and intuitive UX. While other platforms operate in data housing, DESelect has and will always serve marketers on SFMC – right where the action is.

With DESelect’s marketing optimization platform for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you’re able to optimize data, pull insights from campaigns, and take the necessary actions across your marketing channels in order to increase customer engagement and ROI.

Have questions? Learn how DESelect’s offerings enhance campaign effectiveness.

Anthony Lamot is the CEO and Co-Founder of DESelect. Anthony spent 7 years in CRM and Marketing Automation, leading projects for national and international organizations. It’s during these that he recognized the need and potential for DESelect. In his last advisory role, Anthony was the Lead Marketing Automation at Toyota Motor Europe, where he helped roll out SFMC to 30 markets in less than a year.

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