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Meet Our Team: Creative & Web Manager, Kyra Constam

In the dynamic world of design, Kyra Constam stands as a definition of talent and innovation.

Get her take on her DESelect journey →
Her journey at DESelect began with the title of Senior Graphic Designer, where her talent and hard work shined brightly from the beginning. Through her dedication and exceptional skill set, Kyra swiftly ascended the ranks to her current role as Brand & Web Manager. With youthful energy and a keen eye for aesthetics, Kyra has redefined the standards of design within DESelect. Her story epitomizes the potential for growth and success within our company, inspiring both colleagues and aspiring designers alike.


In this interview, we get into Kyra’s journey and get insights from her remarkable career trajectory and her story with DESelect.


What does a Creative & Web Manager do?

When I first joined DESelect I started as a Senior Graphic Designer and last month I was promoted to Brand & Web Manager. Because we are a small team it basically means that I have a hand in all things design and branding. This covers numerous aspects of the company, including our website, product, and events. If you are looking at the DESelect brand – that’s actually me behind the scenes putting all of those assets together.

Kyra took our mascot Deedee all the way to the Galapagos Islands
“I believe I’m really fortunate to make some real friendships with people at work, and at DESelect it is definitely possible”

What are your TOP 3 reasons to work at DESelect?

I love that it’s a global team. It kind of opens your eyes to different cultures and I really like fostering relationships with people who don’t live in the US. I also like that working at DESelect has led to genuine friendships. Even though some people don’t work here anymore, I still consider them friends and stay in touch with them. I believe I’m really fortunate to make some real friendships with people at work, and at DESelect it is definitely possible. Traveling to Belgium has also been so amazing. I’m definitely someone who loves to travel and meeting people face-to-face, especially when I’ve only ever seen them on Zoom!

What surprised you the most while traveling to Belgium?

I had been to Europe before, so when I came to visit DESelect in Belgium, it wasn’t so much of a shock, but I had never been to Antwerp before! What definitely surprised me was how cheap the beer is (lol)
Kyra & Edu, Head of CS at DESelect

If you had to name one. What is the main and most impactful project that you are responsible for?

The most impact project I work on is
putting together the UX for in-person events. This involves landing pages, booth design, swag items, and printed information to hand out to attendees, plus graphics to promote ourselves before, during, and after the event. One of the biggest events that we have upcoming is “Connections” in Chicago. We’re also present at a bunch of Salesforce World Tours, literally around the world. We always try to generate demand from prospects at those events, and in light of that, it is important that I update the website with new pages and the best possible content, to help convert our leads into booking a demo. We want people to see our product, try it, fall in love with it, and then close that deal.


Dreamforce 2023
“I like that I have a lot of creative freedom, I feel like people around me trust me, as the expert”


Which project of the ones that you completed was your favorite one and why?

I really like putting together at the end of 2023 – I kind of initiated these end-of-the-year stats. It was a document but also it was very visual. I got to intersect product and design and marketing all into one format because I had to go into Metabase and I got to work with CS on that a little bit to see what our users are actually using the product for, how many selections they are creating, how many Engage contacts they have in database. And so I put that together in December just basically highlighting the performance of our product. It was really fun to see how our users have been doing over 2023 and how the numbers are in millions for every product.

Favorite moment so far at DESelect?

I can’t decide between the two so I will tell you both! The first of my favorite moments at DESelect was last May, at the Company Gathering at the end of the week, everybody went out for the celebration and it was really fun, to just like see people when they were away from their desks when we all had fun when you see everyone even our CEO and CTO drinking and dancing and just having fun. And beyond that at the end of Dreamforce, last year in September the whole team went out for dinner and that was so fun. We felt like we had a really good conference, we generated pipeline, and it was one of those “work hard – play hard” situations.

DESelect's #pets Slack channel

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

I love both honestly, I feel like my legacy is that I started the #pets channel on Slack. When I joined in September 2022 there was no pets channel and I was like “ I want to see everybody’s cats, dogs, whatever they have” and so I started it. I would say that I’m slightly, slightly more of a dog person but I do love cats and if my husband wasn’t allergic to them I would have a cat for sure. But I do have a dog, I have a corgi, he is kind of crazy.

What do you like the most in your role?

I like that I have a lot of creative freedom. I feel like people around me trust me, as the expert, and while they are more than welcome to give feedback, I do feel like there is a lot of trust from them that I’m going to make the best decision for whatever I’m working on.

If you could say something to yourself back at the beginning of your professional career what would you say to this Kyra in the past?

I would say to not be afraid to push boundaries in your designs and always ask questions from those more experienced than you when you have the time. I think a lot of people want to help you with your beginnings and you don’t have to work in a kind of bubble, you can grow your network and learn from others.


“Don’t be afraid to push boundaries in your designs and always ask questions from those more experienced than you”
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