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Meet our team: Senior Customer Success Manager, Zandra Marquez

We have a superstar in our Customer Success Team and her name is Zandra: a true gem with top-tier Salesforce Marketing Cloud knowledge.

Get her take on her DESelect journey →
An interview with Zandra Marquez, Senior CSM at DESelect
Zandra started at DESelect as a Customer Success Manager, where she quickly showed she had a great eye for customer satisfaction and was awesome in building strong relationships. Zandra’s dedication and skill got her promoted to Senior Customer Success Manager. With her caring attitude and smart thinking, Zandra has made a big difference in how customers feel about DESelect. Her story shows how you can grow and succeed, inspiring both coworkers and newbies.
We recently sat down with Zandra for an interview, to uncover more about her and her role at DESelect. 


What does a Senior Customer Success Manager do?

As a Senior Customer Success Manager, my main focus is to ensure that customers are successfully on-boarded onto the DESelect platform and that they are highly schooled on how to use our platforms, to get maximum value from its features and capabilities.

Other responsibilities include analyzing customers’ usage data and campaign performance metrics.This allows us to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, providing regular reports and insights to customers.This allows us to highlight the value they are deriving from DESelect, and make recommendations for optimization.

In addition, I always ensure that they are satisfied with the service they receive and I proactively identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling additional services or features that could benefit our customers.

Zandra and the Antwerp team enjoying lunch
“In DEselect you can feel a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration”


What are your TOP 3 reasons to work at DESelect?

Collaborative Culture: In this company, you can feel a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. Being able to bounce ideas off colleagues and work together toward common goals can create a supportive and enjoyable workplace.

Innovation and Problem Solving – attitude: In DESelect we have an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. Developing solutions for data-driven marketing challenges is intellectually stimulating and very rewarding for me.

Impactful Work: Helping businesses optimize their marketing efforts through data segmentation is a fulfilling work that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

What projects do you currently work on?

I’m currently working on onboarding a really huge customer which is very exciting to me, it’s a big opportunity to prove my skill set! Also, I work on collaborating with some customers showcasing their success stories for our marketing activities.

Deedee swag and a special thank you note for Zandra


“Here at DESelect, you’re constantly exposed to new ideas, technologies, and strategies, which give you the possibility to keep on developing and learning every day.”  


If you could live in any generation – which would you choose?

I would choose the 90s. I grew up during the 90s and I will always choose to live in this era. Awesome childhood for several reasons, one of the main reasons is the rapid advancement in technology during that time, which led to the rise of iconic video games, TV shows, and toys that are still cherished today.


What do you like the most about your job?

My favorite part of this job is continuous learning. I often work with customers from various industries and backgrounds, which provides opportunities for constant learning and professional growth. Here at DESelect, you’re constantly exposed to new ideas, technologies, and strategies, which give you the possibility to keep on developing and learning every day.

What in your opinion makes DESelect unique as a company?

As a part of the Customer Success Team, I think what makes our company so unique is a Customer-Centric Approach: DESelect likely prioritizes its customers and their needs, fostering strong relationships and providing exceptional customer service. A customer-centric approach can lead to long-term partnerships and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

“ A customer-centric approach can lead to long-term partnerships and positive word-of-mouth referrals.”

Favorite moment so far at DESelect?

When we quadrupled our target a while ago.
It was a very big achievement for the whole team but also for the company. The successful moments like that you remember for a lifetime.

What is your favorite movie/series?

My favorite series is “Braveheart”. It is a series about the Battle of Stirling Bridge. It’s full of tactical brilliance displayed by the main character as he utilizes the geography of the battlefield to his advantage with fierce combat and dramatic moments and I really like a bit of drama in the series, it makes them more interesting!

What is your favorite comfort food?

My favorite comfort food, which I could eat on repeat, is Adobo. It is a Filipino dish made of pork slices marinated and cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. If the Philippines had to name a national dish, this should be it.



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