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With DESelect, Salesforce users maximize the impact of Marketing Cloud through convenient segmentation, frequency capping, and instant access to data.

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DESelect is one of our top performing MC ISV partners in EMEA Central. The team is always laser focused on customer success, which already ended up in huge success with some of our major brands like E.ON, T-Systems, Breitling and HelloFresh. The DESelect team are experts in our Marketing Cloud capabilities and customer needs and collaborate with us very transparently. I am looking forward to a very successful Fiscal Year.

Matthias GoschISV Senior Principal Account Manager DACH Salesforce

How to

Download DESelect Segment with Demo Data

  1. Install DESelect Segment on the AppExchange
  2. To get the full version, including DESelect Segment Advanced, unlimited BU support, and demo data: email [email protected]
  3. Watch the demo video and read the demo script
  4. Reach out to the partner email with any support questions, requests, or opportunities to have a DESelect rep demo with you

Challenge: Maczfit, a fast-growing food delivery company and an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement (MCE) customer, struggled to perform agile segmentation. The customer wasn’t mature and large enough nor had the budget to upgrade to Salesforce CDP.

Solution: DESelect was a perfect fast and cost-effective platform to deliver the expected outcome. DESelect analyzed the customer's segmentation needs and performed a personalized demo beyond MCE OOTB capabilities. The proposed solution also fixed issues with contact deduplication, preventing potential GDPR challenges. Together with DESelect experts, we were able to quickly solve customer pain points, drive incremental ACV, and most importantly increase the value we deliver for the customer.

Piotr LobaczewskiSenior Director | Marketing Cloud | Strategic Clients

Note: A DESelect Engage demo kit is not yet available, but you can submit your email to be on a shortlist for updates as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is saturation control? How does it affect my marketing team?

    Consumers are often overwhelmed receiving hundreds of marketing messages per day, as marketers create multichannel campaigns across competing teams and priorities – often targeted to the same segments of people. When this feeling becomes so strong that messages no longer resonate, the consumer experiences what is called “marketing fatigue.”

    Saturation control is a method used to avoid marketing fatigue, where organizations set limits on the number of communications sent to a certain person in a specific period of time.

    Having saturation control processes in place reduces the chances of unsubscribes or of emails being marked as spam. The specific limit for the number of emails and the time period can vary depending on the goals of the email campaign and the preferences of the recipient.

    DESelect Engage acts as mission control for campaigns across all channels, providing a saturation control solution that gives insights into exactly how saturated each contact is.

  • How will this help my clients?

    DESelect is a platform that enables Marketing Cloud users to segment audiences without SQL and use rules to prevent subscribers from receiving too many messages. Unlock new revenue opportunities, eliminate technical dependencies, and send the right message, to the right audiences the right number of times.

  • What are the financial benefits of Engage?

    Engage has a cascading impact on marketing revenues and expenses. Among the more important ones:

    • Marketing Cloud charges based on the quantity of Super Messages sent. By optimizing campaign frequency, this quantity is reduced
    • Fewer unsubscribes and spam designations improve your organization’s email deliverability, ensuring more contacts see your messages
    • By limiting the number of emails sent to a specific recipient, marketers find the sweet spot that leads to increased engagement, conversion rates, and ROI
    • Increase marketing-generated revenue by identifying undersaturated subscribers and optimizing engagement
    • Compliance with GDPR and CAN-SPAM laws prevents costly fines
  • How long will this take to install?

    You’re in luck – DESelect Search, Segment, and Engage are fully plug-and-play with minimal setup required. DESelect then reviews to guarantee a seamless launch.

  • How do DESelect Engage and Segment combine?

    Both DESelect Engage and Segment together team up to create ultra-targeted campaigns that drive maximum engagement and conversions. It’s literally sending the right message to the right audience the right number of times.

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time

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