DESelect February ’20 Release: Improved lightning design UI and setting data actions

DESelect February '20 Release: Improved Lightning Design UI and setting Data Actions

Lightning design

Available for: DESelect Enable, DESelect Plus, DESelect Advanced


As you probably know, DESelect is fully integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. To increase our users’ experience, it makes sense to have a UI that is fully Salesforce native. Therefore, we have migrated the DESelect UI to Lightning Design System, the modern UI Salesforce (Marketing Cloud) users are familiar with.

Since a picture says more than a thousand words: here are a few screenshots of our renewed UI.

DESelect - source
DESelect - target
DESelect - preview
DESelect - preview loading

Pagination and advanced selection search

Available for: DESelect Enable, DESelect Plus, DESelect Advanced


Our Selections overview page has been enhanced with pagination, so customers with many selections don’t have an overly long list of selections. But even better, we have made it possible to find your selections by allowing easy filtering on the user who created or last updated a selection. Just select ‘Created By’ or ‘Updated By’ in the search bar, and select a user from the dropdown to instantly see only the relevant selections.

DESelect - filtering

Data actions

Available for: DESelect Enable, DESelect Plus, DESelect Advanced

When creating a selection in DESelect, it is now possible to indicate if the results of the selection need to overwrite, update, or be appended to the results of the target data extension.

To change the Data Action, click on the settings icon on the Target Definition screen and make your choice.

The default setting remains ‘overwrite’, and a clear warning is given to the user that the existing records in the target data extension will be overwritten when running the selection.


Working in a native and familiar Lightning UI contributes to a fully integrated experience and helps new users get familiar with DESelect even faster. Besides that, it is now faster than ever to go back to a selection you worked on before. All this will increase the productivity of DESelect users.
And thanks to the Data Action option, you have full control over the data in your target data extension from within DESelect.

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