DESelect May ’19 Release: Filter on datetime in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and more

DESelect Release

Here at DESelect we understand how critical targeting and segmentation are to be an effective marketer. Hence we constantly seek to improve our addon for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that does just that: Target and segment your customers in an easy, intuitive way.

Just recently we added the following features:

  • When making source(s) data extension fields to target data extension fields, auto-mapping will now be capital INsensitive for improved mapping.
  • You can now filter on datetime (instead of just date).
  • UI improvement one: AND/OR filters now allow more space for the actual filters.
  • UI improvement two: You can now run a selection from any screen while editing a selection, which saves you time from navigating.


Stay tuned for the next update and of course just say hello if you have a question.

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