What’s new in DESelect: April 2022

DESelect Segment April Release

Get more time back in your day with DESelect. That’s not an April Fools’ joke!

It’s no secret that our no-code products already help thousands of marketers unlock the full power of SQL for more effective marketing campaigns. Today we’re excited to share several enhancements focused on more productive workflows, and making it all happen in less time!

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Faster workflow: naming new Selections, before creating them

Who doesn’t want to do more in less time?

Nobody wants a missing-name error to disrupt their flow in Marketing Cloud or cause a delay. That’s why we’re launching a new workflow making it impossible to forget to name a new Selection; thus, eliminating missing-name errors. Here are the new upgrades making this happen:

New modal window that allows users to name a new Selection and choose which folder to store it in.

New Selection in DESelect 1
New Selection in DESelect 2
New Selection in DESelect 3
  • The newly created Selection name auto populates on the next screen, which is still editable.
deselect demo

While the user types the new Selection name on the new modal window, DESelect simultaneously loads the Selection Criteria page for faster loading.

Saving selection in DESelect

How does the new Selection-creation workflow help me?

The new workflow means you spend less time working in SFMC, accelerate campaign execution, and produce results for your clients and teams sooner. Ending disruptive missing-name errors means a less complicated process overall, and a happier day at work using DESelect with Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

Searching for Target Data Extensions is now easier than ever.

If you’ve ever been frustrated or lost trying to find a Target Data Extension, this one’s for you:

Currently, users are forced to search for the file name of the desired Target Data Extension, or scroll through the full list of all Target Data Extensions to find what they’re looking for. If a user doesn’t know the file name of the Target Data Extension they’re searching for, it’s quite difficult to find it. No longer the case! Read more about how easy this is via our Support Portal. Check out these new additions to help quickly find what you’re looking for:

New search button on the Target Definition page.

Select target DE DESelect
  • New modal window enables users to search for Target Data Extensions by searching and/or browsing Folders.
DEs in DESelect
  • While searching for a Target Data Extension, now users can narrow down their search by identifying the folder which contains the desired Target Data Extension – and then, find what they’re looking for by  browsing a smaller list of Target Data Extensions from just that folder.
deselect april 2022

How do the new search features help me?

The ability to search using folders means more freedom and power to locate and identify the Target Data Extensions you need to build high-performing SFMC campaigns. Saving time finding Target Data Extensions means being able to spend time where it matters most to you; life is already busy enough!

Introducing time zone conversions for Filters

The right place, at the right time.

Great marketers understand that simply getting your message in front of your audience isn’t enough; it’s also critical to place that message in front of them at the right time. Currently, any date filters used in a Selection do not have the ability to be adjusted by timezone. Additionally, what could previously only be accomplished in two or more steps can now be achieved in one single step. Users can now convert timezone directly from any other timezone (without being limited to CST: SFMC’s standard). Learn how to do this here. In April’s release, we’re introducing these powerful improvements:


  • New ability to leverage different time zones in Filters.
Different time zones in DESelect
Filters in DESelect Segment
  • A new clock icon opens a modal window where users can toggle on/off timezone conversion.
Converting Timewone in DESelect Segment 2
  • Until now SFMC users had to rely on SQL, or multi-step sequence in DESelect, for timezone conversions with Filters. Now DESelect equips all users to accomplish this with a simple and easy-to-use interface. 
Convert Timezone 3
  • Upon enabling timezone conversion in a filter, the selected recipient time zone will now be displayed beneath the filter date chosen by the user.
date filters in SFMC
  • Users can also apply the chosen timezone conversion to all additional date filters.
Convert Timezone 3
Time filters in DESelect Segment

How do the new time zone conversion tools help me?

Guaranteed accuracy with time zone conversion means higher campaign engagement and ROI with precision timing. Letting DESelect automatically do the math, no mistakes, peace of mind, and a happy marketing team!

With each new release, we’re focused on making DESelect easier to use and more powerful than ever before. And with that, we welcome April and bid farewell to March. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with our latest video content, and give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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