DESelect July ’20 Release: Today filter and notifications

DESelect July ’20 Release: Today filter and notifications

Besides many smaller subtle improvements to the UI and design of DESelect, the product team is proud to release 2 important functionalities for DESelect as part of the July release: the Today filter and in-app notifications.

Today filter

When filtering on date fields in DESelect, one can choose between a Relative date filter or a Calendar date filter.

Calendar dates

In case of a Calendar date, the user picks a date using a date picker.

In the case of a Relative date filter, the exact date to filter on will be calculated the moment the query executes. This is especially useful for selections/queries that will be reused, for example as part of automation that runs every week to retrieve new data from the last week.

Now filter

For Relative date, the user could already use Before Now and After Now, and now we’re also introducing Before Today / Today / After Today.

The Before Now / After Now filter takes the time of query execution and the time component of the date field in the data extension into consideration.
For example, if the query executes the 20th of February 2020 at 2pm, and the filter is: Date is After 20 Hours Before Now, all records with Order Date after 19th of February 2020 at 6pm will match.

Note: dates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud are always stored with a time component. If you didn’t define a time component when uploading data into a date field, the time is set to 00:00 (midnight).

Today filter

The Before Today / Today / After Today filters look only at the date component of the date field in the data extension, and at the day the query executes.

For example, if the query executes at any time the 20th of February 2020, and the filter is: Order Date Equals 1 Day Before Today, all records with Order Date 19th of February 2020 will match, no matter the time of the Order Date.

Note: Time filters Minutes / Hours are not available when using the Today filter.


Moving forward, DESelect can notify users of important messages through in-app notifications. We’ll use this to inform users of new features, account upgrades, scheduled maintenance etc.


Interested in giving the Today filter or the many other time-saving features of DESelect a try? Book a demo here.

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