DESelect Segment – April ’23 Release


2023 is moving quick with lots of big things happening at DESelect. We just launched DESelect Engage in March (if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely take a look), and today we’re excited to share what’s brand new with DESelect Segment. The April ‘23 release is comprised entirely of highly-upvoted requests from our customer base and these features are built to make your marketing lives easier!

Configure a default Send Relationship field

Admins can define the “Send Relationship” and minimize potential errors
*Available for: Enable, Plus, and Advanced plans.
It’s no secret that many admin users don’t want to leave anything to chance, and they ultimately need to make sure their marketing team is setup for success. The Send Relationship can have a huge impact and it’s critical that marketers configure this properly. Now you have a safeguard against potentially harmful errors that many marketers may not be aware of.

The April Release gives DESelect Segment this brand new feature allowing admins to define the name of the Send Relationship field for Selections (Data Extensions) that are sendable:

  • Admins can access this new feature via the Admin Panel, under the Settings tab. The section labled: “Send Relationship” has a link to change this relationship.
april release 2023
april release 2023
  • Here admins will see a new button for a “Default Setting” which can either be enabled or disabled.
  • To define the Send Relationship, admins can type the field name that’s used to store the values that relate to subscribers.
  • Then you can select between either Subscriber Key, or Subscriber ID.
  • FYI – This setting will have no effect on existing Target Data Extensions that are already Sendable.

Marketers, now you have less to worry about!
For example: whenever you’re working on a Selection and you need to enable it as a sendable Data Extension – when you’re editing the Target Data Extension (via the target definition screen) if you have a field that is named: “ID” then DESelect Segment will automatically set the default Send Relationship for you! There is also a new info icon with a helpful message explaining what this is. Rejoice!

Nested folders improvement

Nested folders can now have the same name
*Available for: Plus, and Advanced plans.
A simple, yet super helpful upgrade to your Segment folders has arrived. Prior to the April ‘23 release, no two folders in DESelect Segment could have the same name (even with different parent folders). Now users have the ability to create folders with the same file name, as long as they are nested in a different parent folder. No more workarounds with name variations (or special characters) necessary! We’re happy to continue actively releasing upvoted feature requests from our customers just like this.

Stay tuned for our next release – coming in June ’23

With each new release we’re focused on making DESelect easier to use and more powerful than ever before.
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Reach the most targeted
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