What’s new in DESelect: December 2022

Happy Holidays! It’s time to reveal what’s inside the last DESelect release of 2022. Our December release is packed with upgrades like access to more data, serious workflow enhancements, and helpful improvements that admin users will love.

Shared Custom Values

Expedite your process and remove redundant tasks.
*Available for: the Advanced plan.

Previously, when you created a Custom Value it was only available for one specific Selection. If/when you wanted to use that Custom Value with a different Selection this would have to be created again from scratch. This new feature allows admin users to create a “Shared” version of a Custom Value.

Shared Custom Values will be available for all DESelect users to use on any Selection they want without having to set everything up again manually. For users with more complicated Custom Values (i.e. applying formulas & dynamic logic), this is truly a huge time saver – removing duplicate work for both you and your teammates.

  • In the admin panel, a new navigation menu item is available called: Shared Custom Values. When creating a new Shared Custom Value, admin users can provide a detailed description about it, and select the type of Custom Value. Users can also view the description from inside a Selection by hovering over the Shared Custom Value.
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  • From there you can define it by choosing Data Extensions from a multi-select field, add criteria, and enter default values. Once you’ve set up a Shared Custom Value, all of the DESelect users within that Business Unit will now have access!

deselect december 2022

  • Shared Custom Values can be used by all DESelect users, but can only be edited by admins. Note: Only the Fixed Value and Timestamp Custom Values will be visible inside all Selections. All other Shared Custom Values will only be shown when the corresponding Data Extension is added in the Selection.


Copy Custom Values inside a Selection

Create/Edit Custom Values on the fly and speed up your workflow.
*Available for: Plus and Advanced plans.

Users can now copy an existing Custom Value (labeled as “Standard”) or copy a Shared Custom Value directly from inside a Selection. This gives you the ability to directly edit an existing Custom Value (standard or shared), thus eliminating the need to create a new Custom Value every time an iteration or revision is needed.

Anytime you need to make a few alterations to an existing Custom Value (or existing Shared Custom Value) – all DESelect users can easily make a copy and quickly make edits/improvements as desired.

  • Now when creating/editing a Selection, on the Target Definition page, users will notice two new tabs available (Standard / Shared) in the Custom Values area.
2022.12.03 - December Release 004

  • Any available standard, or shared Custom Value, can now easily be copied via the new copy icon which jump-starts the process of iterating on a custom value. No more duplicate work!

2022.12.03 - December Release 006

Filter Sets – Now available for Data Extensions

Leverage the efficiency and convenience of Filter Sets everywhere. 
*Available for: Plus and Advanced plans.

In the October ‘22 Release, we launched Filter Sets – which allow you to combine a group of filters as a preset to quickly, and easily, be used by other marketers. Filter Sets are assigned to/available for one specific Data Set (a predefined combination of Data Extensions). Now, In addition to having Filter Sets for Data Sets, admins can also make Filter Sets available for individual Data Extensions! 

  • In the admin panel on the Filter Sets page, admin users will notice a new section allowing you to specify a Filter Set source.
deselect december 2022


  • Admins will choose either a Data Set, or a Data Extension as the source; followed by assigning the Filter Set via dropdown menu.
deselect december 2022


  • Additionally, admins can now also add a description to the filter sets, which will help and guide the users when they use that filter set inside a Selection. Hovering over a Filter Set will also display the description.

Import Contact Builder Relations

No more duplicate work! Easily import into DESelect.
*Available for: Plus and Advanced plans.

As an admin user, you can now pull attribute sets into DESelect Segment directly from Contact Builder. DESelect will use this information to automatically create pre-defined relations. Previously, if you wanted to specify a relationship between two Data Extensions you had to manually set this up with our Custom Relations admin panel. 

Some organizations have already done this work by predefining relationships between Data Extensions in Contact Builder. Having known that our team has been hard at work to release this new import feature – which makes it easier for admins to automatically retrieve those relations instead of creating them a second time in DESelect.

  • In the Admin Panel, a new menu item is available under the Relations section: Imported Relations.

  • A new button allows users to automatically retrieve and import any existing Contact Builder relations.
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  • The newly imported relations from Contact Builder can be used under related records, to make calculations faster, and to be used in Data Sets!

  • This makes your work in DESelect yet again more efficient, faster and easier.

Audit Logs

Get more data, visibility and understanding with Audit Logs.
*Available for: the Advanced plan.

Admin users can now generate Audit Logs for their current Business Unit in the admin panel, as well as download a CSV file of an audit log – defined by a specific date range. Audit Logs will include information about: user logins, query runs, query creation, and data extension creation.

  • In the admin panel, a new page called Audit Logs can be found.
  • Admins can choose a set of dates to retrieve audit logs for and download this file as a CSV.
deselect admin planel


  • Once the CSV of an audit log has been retrieved and is available for download, the admin will receive a notification email from DESelect that it’s ready.

  • Additionally, admins can view a list of any other generated audit logs from the last 7 days and re-download.

Stay tuned for our winter release – coming in February ‘23!

With each new release we’re focused on making DESelect easier to use and more powerful than ever before. Be sure to give us a follow on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with our latest video content.

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