What’s new in DESelect: June 2022

deselect june 2022

Summer is finally here along with powerful new features from our team.

DESelect proudly opened the door to non-technical marketers by ending the technical dependencies around SQL. We also take pride in equipping technical marketers with tools that increase work efficiency and campaign precision in Marketing Cloud.

Today we’re taking this even further:

Introducing: Data Sets

A performance optimizing game changer for all marketers.

*Available for: Plus and Advanced plans.

“Do less, better” is a popular phrase here at DESelect. It’s the spirit behind our ambition to build tools to help marketers scale their impact by getting more done with less work, and in less time. Until now, taking full advantage of Marketing Cloud’s capabilities depended on a technical leader who understands data modeling and the technical relationships between their data. 

It’s easy to see how this hinders the performance of marketers. We built this to set marketers free to do what they do best while simultaneously improving campaign performance. Even still for our technical folks, Data Sets gives you a faster workflow with far less clicks and speedier results. Read more about how this works via our Support Portal. Let’s dive into what this looks like:

  • Prior to this release, non-technical marketers who don’t understand data models were bottlenecked by technical dependencies. Data Sets enables admin panel users to build Data Sets using Pre-Defined Relations in DESelect allowing marketers to execute quickly, and accurately.


  • Users will access to the admin panel will notice a new navigation item in the menu where they can now access a full list of Data Sets (after you assemble them).
deselect june 2022
  • Admin users now have the power to define the relationships between Data Extensions and can set up joins in advance to remove this technical burden from the marketing team. Prior to this, joining data extensions was a barrier to entry for many marketers and slowed the onboarding process.

  • Now, the opportunity for error and confusion has been removed; Data Sets offers security and quality control to ensure what the marketing team executes is always in adherence to the desired data model.
  • Users with access to the Admin Panel can access this new feature set via the new navigation menu item called: “Data Sets.”
Admin Panel DESelect
  • Technical marketers will also appreciate the expedited workflow Data Sets offers. Less clicks, lowered risk of errors, faster execution.
deselect june 2022

How do Data Sets help me?

Marketing teams can now expedite onboarding for marketers, and create faster speed to market with the dependency on technical users removed when working with data modeling. This means that marketers have faster access to the data they need, with accurate execution according to their team’s data model. Teams will enjoy less errors, saved resources, and saved time getting campaigns executed and out the door!

Ability to formally archive Selections

*Available for: Plus and Advanced plans.

As marketing teams grow and leverage the power of DESelect more, so do their lists of Data Extensions! We recognized this and have introduced a new tool that allows users to archive Selections that they don’t need anymore. Find out how to do this here.

  • You will notice a new icon for archiving undesired Selections, or anything wished to be removed from your account for the time being. There is also a new pop up modal in place to confirm the decision to archive a Selection as a safety measure.
deselect june 2022
deselect june 2022
  • Keep archived Selections for reference and/or to see what they have done previously. Clear the clutter so that old Selections are removed from the main list, but still accessible.
  • When you archive a selection you won’t be able to run it, nor will you be able to make changes. Users will notice a caution message banner informing them that an archived Selection is read-only.
journeys data drive action

How does Archiving Selections help me?

As the list of available Selections grows over time, teams will save time sorting through everything without being forced to delete older, but still valuable, data. Additionally, users can protect and preserve archived Selections to ensure outdated components aren’t being used in today’s marketing campaigns, yet can still be accessed as valuable reference information in the future!

Improved UIUX for our In/Not In Results Filter

Improved the user experience so that it becomes much easier for users to apply aggregations when using In/Not In Results filters. Users will notice the Fx button is now in a better (outside) location.

deselect june 2022

Stay tuned for more product updates later this summer!

With each new release we’re focused on making DESelect easier to use and more powerful than ever before. Be sure to give us a follow on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with our latest video content.

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