SFMC Quick Search

What can you search for in Salesforce Marketing Cloud using SFMC Quick Search?
  • Data Extensions

  • Email Templates

  • User Sends

  • Content

  • Automations

  • Query Activities

  • Filter Definitions

  • All Content Builder objects

What’s more?
  • The search bar is now completely integrated with the Marketing Cloud UI so it’s always immediately available. You can search and get results in seconds

  • The search results remain, even if you click or navigate elsewhere. You can use the ‘Pin’ functionality to pin your results to the top of the page, so you can navigate to your result, still maintaining full path visibility. This makes it much easier to go to that data extension that’s 10 levels deep in your folder structure!

  • SFMC Quick Search will find results across business units and results from just your current business unit

  • Search objects by name and external key

  • You don’t need to enter the Marketing Cloud subdomain

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