Including Marketers on Campaigns for Quality Assurance


A DESelect customer in the Telecom industry needed to add their marketing team members into the target group (segment) of their campaigns to allow marketers to see emails and notifications from the receiver's point of view. The primary challenge was identifying a way to add records into a Target Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud without breaking the rules of the filters, or accidentally corrupting the quality of their data.

Continue reading below to find out how they solved this using DESelect.

  • Telecom

How to solve with DESelect Segment:

  • This marketing team created a new Data Extension with the internal marketers they wanted to always include always for quality assurance and testing.
  • DESelect users can populate this Data Extension in Content Builder, clicking on “Add Record” inside the Data Extension view, so you can add all the test records needed.
  • In the Selection: build the campaign filter as usual, and then click on the Append Data Extension button, adding a tab to append the test Data Extension into the final result.
  • In the mapping step, make sure you map the required fields and add fixed Custom Values for the test users, in case you want to test personalization.
  • When sending the campaign, the test users will be included as any other user in the Target Data Extension.